Louvre Roof Systems – The Ultimate Guide

There are many ways to cover a patio or deck in the backyard, from pergolas to awnings, a natural vine roof or a solid wood roof, but none can give the louvred roof’s versatility. Louvre roof systems are gaining popularity as a practical and attractive centrepiece for the backyard, but they are not for everyone. Some of the many questions you have about this creative framework could be answered by this fast and easy guide.

What Is A Louvered Roof?

A louvred roof is, as mentioned before, a somewhat recent system of providing a patio or deck cover. These roofs have also been found to also cover pool areas, garden spaces, or hot tubs in the backyard. A louvred roof is, to put it simply, a roof that can open and close. Sometimes they have also been referred to as an opening roof and adjustable patio cover. In reality, louvred roofing is very imaginative in its composition. It can open and close to provide the right amount of sun or shade, or it can keep rain out, minimise wind, or shield your patio from leaves and other debris. There are several reasons why homeowners want to install a Louvre Roof in Perth.


The most common reason to opt to invest in an adjustable louvred roof is by far the availability of shade. A system like this helps you to spend more hours of the day in your outdoor location, including the hottest days when the sun beats down the hardest. To make everyone more relaxed, simply closing the louvres in a slightly different direction offers just the right amount of shade.

Temperature Control

In regulating the shade and sunshine over your deck, the use of a patio cover to regulate temperature practically goes hand in hand. Block the heat, and the temperature would decrease naturally. However, the angles of the louvres on one of these motorised roofs can also be used to monitor the way air flows in or out, which will naturally provide a cooler sitting area. Temperature regulation is, of course, highly dependent on outdoor conditions, including wind speed, quantity of sunlight, etc.


Most people do not think of a roof as a means of privacy over their deck. Traditionally, this is left on walls, a hedge or a wall or partition attached to the deck. In certain situations, though, even a louvred roof will provide a feeling of privacy. Maybe your deck or patio is on your house’s lower level, and you can block the nosy neighbours from watching you from their windows on the second floor. Closing the roof completely can help block noise so that your conversation can not be heard by others nearby and to eliminate surrounding noise in the neighbourhood as well.

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