Let the Rollout of Your New Brand Be Strategic with These Essential Steps

Innovation sets businesses apart from the competition! Yes, if you analyse the growth trajectory of successful organisations such as Microsoft or Apple, their innovations have made them who they are today. When innovation is combined with an effective branding strategy, you can excite your loyal customers long after the initial purchase.

According to experts from the leading creative agency in Sydney, rebranding can cause both positive and negative impact on your business growth. For example, a few years ago, Instagram changed its logo. It changed the iconic logo that represented the warmth and comfort of their followers to a vibrant gradient and minimalist symbol. The replacement of Instagram’s unique badge with neutral hues and vintage illustration resulted in a big disappointment, and they had to spend a good deal of time and money running damage control in response. This failure explains how important it is to have an effective brand launch strategy.

If you are getting started or considering a rebrand, it’s vital to create a branding strategy that helps you achieve your goals. Here we’ve listed a few tips to introduce your new brand or rebrand your existing one to the world.

Plan Ahead

As the adage “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” goes, you must prepare your brand launch well in advance. Launching a new brand or rebranding your existing one can be a thrilling thing, proper planning before the launch can make your event more rewarding. So talk to your creative marketing agency in Sydney, to create a sound branding strategy that allows you to re-engage with your audience, attract new ones, and boost sales.

Focus on the Touchpoints

Finalise all the touchpoints including, your website, social media channels, marketing collateral, signage, business cards, and more. Allow ample time to get these things fixed as it allows you to manage each interaction effectively.

Identify Your Audience

Apart from your customers, employees, investors, and business partners will also be a part of your brand launch, and it’s vital to keep them in your mind while preparing a branding strategy with the best creative agencies in Sydney. Provide investors, high-value clients, and key partners an advance introduction to your new brand by way of a pre-launch event.

Show Your New Brand to the World

Talk to the experts from a creative agency in Sydney on creating a great strategy that allows you to introduce your new brand and phase out your old brand without causing any confusion in the marketplace. Collect feedback on the new brand to make sure that it’s well-received by the audience.

The Bottom Line

A new brand or rebranding sets the stage for new content creation, marketing campaign, and more. So, it’s vital to ensure that your brand is aligned internally and externally to get the most out of it.

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