Launch your online taxi business with a customized and white-labeled Uber clone app

As we all know, people have now turned their preferences to online taxi services for their transportation needs. In order to earn their trust, several taxi companies are striving hard in the competitive market to become a top player and be the favorite name that customers opt for. It is not easy to become an established taxi business in the market without having an optimized app to avail of your service. Building an app from scratch is not the best idea if you want to launch an app in a short span and stay ahead in the competition. An efficient alternative would be the Uber clone app that is built based on the business model of Uber. In the market, it is known to be a cost-efficient and robust app solution that will let you taste success instantly. A few factors that will completely convince you as to why you should opt for a clone app are elaborated below:

Development time: 

When comparing an app built from the initial stage with a taxi clone app, the latter will always involve less time as its complexity is reduced without compromising on the app quality. No matter how advanced the app has to be built or how many features have to be included, it will all be done within a few days. 

Highly advanced apps:

As mentioned earlier, it is a technologically advanced app that will effectively help you run your business in the market. The most advanced and latest technologies, tools, and frameworks are put to use to build this optimal taxi app solution for your brand. Due to the involvement of cutting-edge technology, the app will be error-prone and function efficiently at all times. 

Stay ahead in the market:

The online taxi market is a highly competitive market, and one needs to stay at the forefront as soon as possible with a feature-rich online app. With each passing day, the competition increases, and as an entrepreneur, you have to make sure that you launch your app in the shortest time possible. 

App development cost:

The cost of purchasing an Uber clone script and customizing it in accordance with your business needs will cost less in comparison to building an app from the ground up. The number of resources required to develop the app is also reduced. Hence, this clone app solution will help you set up your online taxi business at a budgeted cost.

Technical assistance and maintenance of the app:

It should be noted that several experienced app development companies in the market provide technical and maintenance support post the launch of the app. Any updates for the app will also be done when required. 

What are the vital features of the Uber clone app?

There are a few crucial app attributes that will make the app easy to use:

Easy onboarding:

With the multiple login options available in the app, customers can sign up or register with the app using their phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts. 

Live tracking:

Passengers and drivers can track each other’s location during an ongoing request and get access to contact details when required. 

Fare estimation:

The fare charged for the ride will be displayed on the app before customers confirm their requests. 

Availability slider:

Drivers can indicate their status of availability with the help of the availability slide bar present in the app. If they are unavailable, user requests will be forwarded to the next available driver. 

Scheduled booking:

Customers will be able to schedule their rides by specifying the exact location, date, and time. 

Secure payment modes:

The app will comprise several payment options that will help customers pay for the rides they have availed. 

Favorite drivers:

Customers can bookmark drivers of their choice and add them to the favorites list. They can request them the next time they book a ride. 

Types of rides:

There are different types of rides in the app from which customers can choose a ride of their choice and confirm the request. 

Booking cancellation:

Passengers will be able to cancel their ride requests under valid circumstances. A cancelation fee will be incurred if necessary. 

God’s eye view:

The admin will be able to get access to all the data with the help of this feature and manage the process efficiently. 

Earning history:

Drivers will be able to monitor their earnings by navigating to the history page. Weekly, monthly, and yearly earnings will be displayed in the app. 

Preferred languages:

Users will be able to choose a language of their choice and set it as the default language. They can choose the language at the time of registration or later by navigating to the settings page. 

Accept/reject user requests:

Drivers can either accept or reject ride requests based on a few fixed parameters. 

Access to contact information:

Drivers will be able to access passengers’ information, such as name and contact number, during an ongoing request. 

Managing fares:

The admin will be able to set base fare, operational cost, and surge fare as and when required with the help of the powerful admin dashboard:

In-app wallet:

The app will have a wallet to which customers can add money and pay for the rides. The admin will also have access to the users’ wallets. 

View reports:

The admin can access reports related to profits, earnings, commissions, and more.

Adding drivers’ bank accounts:

The admin can also add any number of driver bank accounts to the admin dashboard and transfer their earnings to them after the commission cut-down. 

Ratings and reviews:

Passengers can rate and review drivers’ service after they have availed it. 

Wrapping up:

Build an app with the aforementioned features and launch it on multiple platforms to acquire a large customer base in a short period. Ensure that the app is feature-rich, user-friendly, responsive, scalable, and cost-efficient. Hire a suitable app development company and build an optimal Uber clone app for your taxi business. 

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