Know your Wisdom Teeth!


Many adults have around 32 teeth in their mouth. Then there is one kind of teeth that seems to get a great deal of attention. The third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are the last set of teeth to come in during adulthood. As a part of regular dental visits, your dentist will examine your mouth to determine if your wisdom teeth have erupted, is it adequately positioned and healthy.

Everyone is unique, and however, in most cases, wisdom teeth are removed by the dentist when they find evidence of changes in the mouth. There are a few symptoms your dentist will look for to consider wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

– Cyst

– Pain

– Damage to adjacent teeth

– Tumours

– Gum disease

– Infection

– Tooth decay

Why do Human Beings have Wisdom Teeth?

Human beings have 32 teeth in their mouth. Third molars come at the last during teen ages to complete the set of 32 teeth. Situated at the back of the mouth, these teeth appear between the ages 17 and 25. However, in rare cases, they appear at any age.

In this era, our jaws are too small to accommodate all the 32 teeth. Most often, we have room only for 28 teeth. So, if all other teeth are healthy, there might not be sufficient space for the adult teeth to come through the jawline properly so dentists suggest wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

Do third molars always cause problems?

No, wisdom teeth do not cause problems every time. If there is sufficient room for them to erupt properly, these teeth will come just like any other healthy teeth. However, there might be some discomfort when they come through, but you will feel normal once the tooth comes in position.

Your dentist might recommend removal of wisdom teeth Sydney to prevent any oral problems from occurring, or other reasons like removal is a part of the periodontal treatment plan or restorative treatments.

Besides, the condition of your oral cavity will change with time. The wisdom teeth which are not removed must be monitored continuously as the potential for developing risky problems later on still exist. Like with many other health problems with aging, people are at a higher risk for health problems, which include issues with their third molars.

Visiting the dentist regularly for a check-up is vital so that he can check not only your wisdom teeth but also overall oral health. Your dentist will help you manage and prevent dental diseases and achieve optimal general and oral health.

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