Know the different types of Windscreen Cracks!

Windscreen damage is common, and most car owners will have faced it at least once in their lifetime. A chip or crack on the windscreen is always an inconvenience, and there is never a good time for them to occur. Depending on the extent of damage, professionals would suggest getting your windscreen replaced or repaired. Did you know, only the windscreen chips that are less than 40mm in diameter can be repaired? Yes, not all windshield damages can be repaired. If the damage is extensive, you should seek professional help for windscreens replacement Sydney.

What many road users might not know is that there are different types of chips and cracks that can cause varying degrees of damage and hassle to car owners. By knowing these reasons, you can measure the extent of damage you are dealing with. It can help you make an informed decision and act smart as some cracks could be more severe than the others.

Stress cracks:

If you have encountered a cracked windscreen even when it hasn’t suffered any known damage, it can be a stress crack. Extreme fluctuation in pressure and temperature could be the reason behind such cracks. Windscreen glass tends to contract in cold weather conditions and expand under hot weather. If the car glass is subjected to both extremes simultaneously, the resultant is a cracked windscreen. For example, stress crack can occur when your car gets overheated but with the air conditioning still on blast. The age of the glass can also be behind stress cracks. Older windscreens are more susceptible to cracks and so windshield replacement Sydney is advised in such situation.

Floater cracks:

These types of cracks can occur away from the edges of the windscreen, and so it is named as floater cracks. This type of damage can be usually spotted in the middle of the windshield or at least two inches away from the edge. Floater cracks can spread rapidly, and hence it needs immediate attention. An expert will determine the width and depth of the cracks in your windscreen and prescribe replacement or car glass repair Sydney.

Crack chips:

This type of chips is very common. When a small pebble or rock strikes on your windscreen while driving down the road, the kind of damage sustained by the glass is called a crack chip. Such damages are relatively minute and can be fixed by professionals. As the size of chips is usually smaller, car owners often ignore smaller chips. However, chipped windscreens are highly vulnerable to develop and even result in cracks which might spread across the entire glass with time. As a result, the small chip which can be fixed with a simple repair might end up requiring total replacement later.

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