Know the Different Types of Ice Machine

Every food service business needs to have commercial ice machine for drinks, packing or cooling, which comes in a variety of styles such as flake, nugget, or crushed. Because of that, there are many different configurations of ice machines available today. This is why it’s very important to have a better understanding about ice machines, before you make a valuable investment on an ice machine that should continually provide the precise amount of ice every time and possible never run out.

Flake Ice

Flake ice prepared using flake ice machine is great for creating a snow-like bed of coldness wherever it’s needed: Use it under a bed of shrimp cocktail for a party or for produce displays in retail settings where freshness is key. It’s also popular for making snow cones, and it’s a good choice for medical ice packs because it’s soft and pliable around an injury.

Top Hat Ice

Top hat ice melts slowly, so it’s great for mixed drinks that have a careful balance of ingredients and shouldn’t become too watered down. These ice cubes are often crystal clear, making them ideal for cocktails that deserve to look as good as they taste.

Crescent Ice

Crescent ice, also known as half-moon ice, is a solid block of ice that looks as if someone cut a fairly large cylinder in half lengthwise. One half of the ice cube is flat, while the other is rounded over as a semicircle. These are the relatively large cubes you’ll find in hotel ice dispensers or in your home freezer’s automatic ice maker.

Bullet Ice

As the name suggests, bullet ice is shaped more or less like a bullet. It’s typically cylindrical with a rounded tip on one end. It’s often hollow in the middle, which allows it to melt more quickly. This ice is common in self-serve dispensers and commercial ice makers in hotels.

Half Cubes

Half-cube ice is a great choice for filling individual drink glasses and for making slushy, blended cocktails. The smaller size makes it easier to process in a blender for smoother daiquiris and frozen drinks. It’s also good for iced coffee due to even melting.

Full Cubes

Full cubes are the best all-purpose ice, and they are especially good for chilling a drink quickly and for icing down your cooler to keep your favorite foods cold on the go. Their shape is compact, and they are relatively slow to melt, making them ideal for a range of uses.

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