Know The Different Types Of Bike Available


The bikes have conquered our everyday life to a great extent. Mainly as mean of transportation, as exercise selection, but also as a sport, cycling has gained many followers despite the non-favorable conditions. What should we consider when we decide to buy our own bike and what to do to be sure that our choice is right? Here we have mentioned a few types of bike that are available in the bike shops in Limassol.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are the most popular bikes. It comes with thick and gears and a different frame both in shape and in size. It has the advantage of much more comfortable position of the rider due to the geometry and the straight handlebar. If you are interested in cycling on gravel and mountain paths, the mountain bike will suit you the best. With such a bike, you can participate in mountain bike racing. A good bike has brakes for lightweight or more powerful disc brakes front and rear.

Road Bike

Road bikes are the racing bikes. Previously most of us used to feel fear and awe with the idea to use a racing bike. They are made to run on asphalt roads and to do it quickly. They have very thin tires, lightweight frame and the rider should get a stooped posture on such a bike. At first road bike may be inconvenient but very quickly everyone can get use of it.

Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are the most popular option in the last 2-3 years. It is something between road bike and mountain bike. They are faster than a mountain, most boring and slow from a road. It will be wearing thinner and smoother wheels of a mountain. If you buy a bike for shorter journeys and for travel to the city or local cycle paths a hybrid bike is ideal as it offers us comfort, speed and flexibility.

Cruiser Bike

You will find such a bicycle to circulate as everyday transport in large and advanced cycling countries. It is very popular among women since it is extremely comfortable and easy to use. It has large wheels with a relatively wide rubber band, wide and comfortable seat, which makes the driving of such a bicycle extremely pleasant. If the transport in the city in short trips are the only reason you want to buy a bike, then it is the ideal.

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