Know the Different Tooth Filling Procedures

Cavities are a common type of tooth decay that occurs when carbohydrate-containing foods are stuck between the teeth and brushing and flossing are not removed entirely. These foods are digested by bacteria living in the mouth, releasing acidic by-products, forming plaques that remove the enamel of the teeth. Gums soften and pull away from the mouth, which exposes the base of the mouth to plaque, as the ageing process takes place. Over time, cavities can also grow along the edges of the fillings, as the fillings weaken and contribute to tooth decay.

In order to treat a decayed tooth, materials such as silver amalgam or a composite filling is used in $99 dental clinic. This prevents the decay from spreading to the root, where a severe infection can be caused. This also reduces the need for the extraction of a tooth. Dental fillings are most commonly used by 99 dentist to cover the section of a tooth that needs to be replaced after the tooth surface is eaten away by a dental cavity. Ideal candidates for dental filling have contained areas of harm that have not threatened the integrity or root of the tooth yet.

Tooth Filling Procedures

The extent of the procedure at $99 dental clinic will decide the correct filling to suit your needs, if you have allergies to certain products, where the filling is required in your mouth, and the cost. Various materials include:

Gold Fillings: Gold inlays are well tolerated and can last for more than 20 years in gum tissues. However, the price of gold fillings is typically the largest, more than $200 and takes several visits.

Amalgam (a combination of metals like mercury, silver, tin, copper and zinc): a combination that helps maintains the normal function of the tooth. Amalgam fillings are wear-resistant and relatively cheap. However, they are more prominent than porcelain or composite restorations because of their dark colour and are not typically used in very visible places, such as the front teeth.

White Composite Filling(synthetic mixture of acrylic resin and glass): it has a white colour, allowing the colour of the tooth to match. Composites, however, can chip or wear over time, and may also be stained by coffee, tea or tobacco. They also may not last as long as fillings of other types.

Porcelain Fillings: they can be paired and avoid staining with the colour of the tooth. Usually, a porcelain repair covers much of the tooth. Their expenses are similar to gold. The treatment involves the drilling of a small hole inside the affected tooth that is then filled with the filling for both the silver amalgam and composite white fillings.

The only difference is that a final polish would be given by the dentist to the composite filling to ensure that it has that clean, white look and matches with the rest of your teeth.

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