Know the difference between Greaseproof Paper and Wax Paper

It might be surprising to know that people working in the food industry have trouble deciding whether to use greaseproof paper or wax paper. The appearance and similar makeup of these two types of papers could make you choose the wrong one leaving the product not tasting good as you wanted it to be. While deciding what to use while baking or cooking, you should know the fundamental differences between these two papers. Let us now discuss at the makeup of both and how it impacts the way you can use it.

Wax Paper:

Wax papers are also known as paraffin. These papers are infused with wax to make them grease and waterproof. Wax papers are perfect for laying on countertops during food presentation, thanks to its moisture-resistant property. Even though these papers can be used to substitute greaseproof paper, the wax paper should not be put in the microwave. At high temperatures, the wax coating and low heat resistance property can cause the wax paper to melt and even catch fire.

– Wax paper has a property to maintain the moisture of the food kept inside it. It can also keep products from drying out. So these papers can be used for wrapping foods.

– Wax papers are also used to present food to the customers. This is a new trend in the foodservice industry.

– Wax papers help to keep out the mess.

– Customers can easily discard the wrap after eating the food.

Greaseproof Paper:

Greaseproof paper has a wide range of application in the food industry when compared to wax paper. This grease and moisture resistant papers are cellulose-based. The greaseproof papers are coated on the surface, making them resistant to high heat and non-sticky.

– Greaseproof papers can be put in the microwave oven, unlike wax papers.

– The greaseproof papers can be used to line pans replacing the standard cooking spray.

– This paper allows for easier clean-up.

– It reduces the risk of contamination of food from touching the baking sheet or the pan.

– Greaseproof papers are versatile, serving different purposes.

Printed greaseproof paper is becoming increasingly popular in the food industry as it can be used to advertise brands.

Which is best for what?

As discussed the wax paper and greaseproof paper may look and even feel similar, but their applications are entirely different. Greaseproof papers and wax papers can be beneficial in your kitchen. But you should know that you are using the right one before your cookies come out tasting like crayons. Keep reading to know the appropriate usage of both the papers.

Wax Paper:

– Wrapping or storing food

– Preparing dough for cookies, pizza, etc.

– Presentation of meals

– Storing leftover dough

Greaseproof Paper:

– Wrapping and storing foods

– Line baking sheet

– Baking and cooking

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