Know the Common Occupational Hazards in Film Industry

The film sets are one of the places whether many people gather and work together to create a memorable film. It contains heavy set pieces and it should be kept save to avoid various types of accidents or any hazards in the film industry. On-set injuries are unfortunately very common in the film industry and can go under-reported or unreported altogether. You need health services for film industry to tackle this situation and continue the shooting process.

On the other hand, film production insurance can protect the assets of their production companies, their staffs and cast members against the losses that result due to the injuries. Here, we have mentioned a few common occupational hazards that take place in film industry and how to tackle them.

Occupational Hazards in Filmmaking

Injuries to the crews in film industry are quite common as the staffs need to work with heavy equipment. This heavy equipment only helps the props deliver the visual look that the director needs. Case members and stunt men will also be at risk in the film industry. There are dozens of injuries happening every day and the film industry seeks the help of medical consultant in film industry to get out of the injuries. It is a fact that during a 5 year period ending in 1930, almost 11,000 others were injured and 55 people were killed during various film productions. Since then the safety standards have dramatically reduced the count of injuries and death, but have not eliminated the risks yet.

Need for doctors on films sets

When the artist in the movie get any injury or pain, the doctors on films sets can help them with first aids and make them perform well. If they get severe injuries, then doctors will make them get proper treatment to get their injuries cured faster. So having the doctors on the film sets can help the film industry people in many ways. Patients, especially those away from their home and regular physicians, are continually faced with limited access to quality or consistent healthcare. By having experienced doctors at the film set can help the professionals get the proper medical care even during their shots.

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