Know-How Spices form the Foundation for Indian Cuisine

Spices play an integral role in Indian Cooking. They give life to even the simple ingredients and transform any dish into a tasty meal. Spices are used in all shapes and sizes, and Indian cooking is nothing without the aromatic spices. Often spices are roasted to release oil before ground into a powder and give out a unique flavour. Most of the Indian food featured in the Indian restaurant menu is flavoured with spices, herbs, and blends that are rich in aroma.

In ancient India, spices were reserved only for kings, queens, sultans, and other royals of the highest order. With the growth in the spice trade, spices had made the leap from royals to commoners. Today, even the most expensive flavours are made accessible to all the people across the world.

Indian recipes found in the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver is more than just food and is designed to help attain spiritual and emotional balance. From the delicious chicken tikka to the best butter chicken in Vancouver, the most popular Indian recipes include a vast number of spices to give out the best flavour.

Common Spices Used in Indian Cooking


Green cardamom is commonly used in Indian cooking and used in lassis to Indian desserts. It has a light and sweet flavour and is used as a whole or powdered form in different dishes. The whole pod is used in biryani, while the seeds or ground powder is added to the desserts.


Clove is a common spice used in Indian cooking and has a medicinal flavour due to the high concentration of essential oils. Like cardamom, cloves can be used either as a whole or in powdered form. It must be used with caution because cloves have the tendency to overpower more delicate spices.

Black Pepper

Native to India, black pepper imparts intense aroma, depth, and heat to foods. This integral spice is a must-have in Indian cooking and is widely used in seasoning blends, such as garam masala. Considered to be the king of spices, it can be added to almost anything and gives out a powerful high flavour note that no other spice can hope to duplicate.


This spice produces a characteristic smoky flavour to any Indian dish. Cumin has an intense fragrance, but it burns really quickly, and burnt cumin tastes bitter. So, dry-roast this spice only for 30 seconds and then let it cool before blending into mixes.

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