Key Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Sending your child to preschool is not an easy decision as it can be stressful for both you and your child. But, if you think that your child needs a head start before school, then sending them to a child care Five Dock that focuses on early childhood education is the best thing you can do.

Research shows that early childhood education is the best way to help your child learn essential skills, including social, emotional, communication, and cognitive skills, which they need to prepare for academic and beyond.

Young children tend to learn everything when they hear, see, feel, smell, test, talk, play, and laugh. The more they explore, the more they could learn. This is what an early childhood program encompasses – children learn as they play, and more importantly, they tend to discover how to learn while playing.

Here is how children will be benefited from an early childhood program offered in the Five Dock early childhood centre:-

Learn literacy and numeracy skills

Both literacy and numeracy skills are the foundation for education. In fact, it’s more than just learning to identify and count the numbers, reading, and writing. Children can learn literacy skills by listening to stories, seeing pictures, and drawing shapes. On the other hand, by singing and playing music, and playing with containers of different sizes, they tend to learn numeracy skills.

Learning both the skills before they start schooling has a dramatic impact on a child’s academic success. Research shows that children who have attended early childhood education program perform much better than those who have not.

Develop good habits

A daily routine is crucial for young children, and in fact, they would feel safe and secure. They are also great for teaching good habits like brushing, washing their hands before and after every meal, etc. when a child knows what to expect each day, they tend to be calm, relaxed, and get good sleep.

Over time, they will learn to get dressed, pack their bag, and organise their place. Day care Five Dock is ideal for getting your child into a good routine. This not only prepares your child for child care but also their schooling and save your time by spending less time trying to get your child to cooperate.

Enthusiasm for lifelong learning

A good childcare centre can provide children with cognitive and social experiences that help them become independent and develop a positive attitude to learning. This helps your child to perform well in their academic and drive success.

Improved attention

Generally, children are curious and interested in exploring new things. A quality early childhood education program maximise the opportunity for discovering new things with new friends in a new environment where children can learn while playing.

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