Key Attributes Your E-commerce Website Needs to Stand Out from the Crowd

Do you operate an online-only business? Or do you use your website to supplement in-person sales? Your e-commerce website is the online face of your business and can be an invaluable tool that builds your business online. So, here we’ve listed a few key attributes your e-commerce website needs to help you get a leg ahead of your competitors.

Make the Design Functional

The design of your e-commerce website created by the design agency must be functional and provide your users with a joyful shopping experience. The e-commerce website for your business must be responsive, fast, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly.

Follow Strict Security Protocols

Use HTTPS communication protocols and secure e-commerce platform to show your customers that you care about their privacy and security. The security features include PCI DSS compliance, strong firewalls, secure logins, encrypting customer data, using the latest software versions, and installing recommended security patches. You can also add trust seals to boost sales and conversions.

Create Unique Product Pages

It’s imperative to create a product page that is labelled clearly and correctly. You are likely to miss sales if your product page is cluttered and your customers don’t understand the products. So, add attractive photos and unique descriptions that explain your product or service. Adding precise product descriptions provide your customers with a clear insight into what they are buying, and it also helps in SEO.

Easy and Seamless Checkout Experience

Did you know the average shopping cart abandonment rate worldwide is 88%? The primary reason for the high cart abandonment rate is that the people are just browsing and aren’t ready to buy the product or service. But, some shoppers who are ready to make a purchase are likely to abandon the cart if the checkout process is complicated. So, get the help of your web design agency to create a simple check out process that encourages visitors to complete their purchases and reduce car abandonment rate.

Customer Service that’s Easy to Access

A clear, well-defined product page provides your customers with all the information they need. But, if they need any additional information about your product or service, you must give them an easy way to contact you with their questions. So, ask your design agency in Sydney place your phone number prominently on the product page.

Add a Search Box

Did you know some customers will want to find something unique as quickly as possible even though the products on your website are well-organised? So, always make sure to have a search box that helps your customers find the products as quickly as possible.

The author of this article is associated with a design agency and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he lists the key attributes of an e-commerce website. Visit for more information.

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