Keep your kitchen cool and white with our Super White Dolomite

White is pure, it is calm, it is strong, it is versatile and flexible. White is the colour of snow, of new beginnings of the upcoming festival season. With the advent of these hot breezes let’s welcome some cool inviting colours to our kitchen. One of many such natural stone is Super White dolomite in Sydney.

About Super White Dolomite in Sydney

To most people’s dilemma, Super White is neither a marble, granite nor quartzite. It is a dolomite. Dolomite stone slabs are often seen similar to the appearance of a marble and have the characteristics strength of granite. Technically they are more durable than a marble slab but less than a quartzite. And like all other natural stone slabs they are porous and susceptible to stains and etching if proper care and maintained is not considered.

Super white dolomite stone slab alludes to arctic cool tones, ideal for both commercial and residential spaces. Sought out for being naturally durable, having a dolomite stone benchtop in your kitchen is both a practical yet visually appealing. With its light to dark grey veining, super white dolomite stone slabs mimic the appearance of an aerial ocean scene. It features mostly muted light grey veining with a mix of fine and darker defined veins to add a striking depth to the stone.

Super white dolomite is a versatile natural stone that can be used in interior spaces for flooring and fireplace surrounds. Moreover, dolomite stone benchtops makes a stunning statement when used as an island benchtop or even for a splashback. Designers and homemakers find it effortless to integrate it into many design genres and colour schemes.

Super White dolomite Cost

Ok people, here is an undeniable fact about natural stones, whether white or dark: all natural stones are not the most economical options available in market today. However, seeing the merits of natural stone like super white dolomite in Sydney, far outweigh its demerits. It is an investment worth doing. The cost of a super white dolomite however varies depending on factors like its veining, pattern, size of slab and finish available. At Avant stone our super white dolomite cost are available at the most competitive price you will find around in Sydney. So enquire today for your free super white dolomite slab quote.

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