JMeter Interview Questions & Answers

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What is JMeter?

JMeter is a Java device that used for performance Load Testing.

How does JMeter work?

JMeter works like a group of customers sending requests to an aim database. This gathers the goal server reaction and other statistics that show the app or server performance via charts or tables.

Where can Functions and Factors be used?

Factors and functions can be written inside every industry of any test element.

What are JMeter’s regular expressions?

A regular expression is being used, depending on the sequence, to scan for manipulating text. JMeter is helpful for the routine translation of expressive types or structures used throughout a JMeter test plan.

Whether OS-dependent are the test plans developed utilizing JMeter?

Test Plan is generally reserved in its XML form so there is nothing to do with any particular Operating System. This can be operated on any operating system where JMeter will operate.

What are the kinds of a processor in JMeter?

The kinds of a processor in JMeter are 

  • Pre-processor
  • Post-processor

What is the performance order of Test Components?

This test plans components performance order is

  • Post-processors
  • Assertions
  • Timers
  • Configuration elements
  • Listeners
  • Pre-processors
  • Samplers

What does the regular expression mean for “contain” and “matches?”

The regular expression includes means that minimum some portion of the goal paired the regular expression. When matches indicate the regular expression corresponded to the entire goal. Therefore, the ‘ alphabet ‘ is ‘ al.*t ‘ matched.

What are the design components?

A setup feature works in parallel with a Sampler. You can use the sampler components to construct configurations and parameters for later use. These components are processed before any sampler in the very same range at the beginning of the scope.

What is a JMeter Timer and what are its sorts?

For example, a JMeter list can send requests continuously with no delay. Timers can be used to get a delay between the submission. Many of the timers used are Constant Timer, Standard Random Timer, Gaussian Random Timer, Timer Synchronization, etc.

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