iShade Awnings & Shade Systems 101

Our uniquely enjoyable Australian climate offers us beautiful days filled with sunshine and blue skies all year round. To maximise this advantage, beautify your outdoor living and entertainment with iShade Awnings & Shade System. iShade Awnings & Shade Systems is the sun shades that come in style, substance, and simplicity. This stylishly piece extends your living area by acting as a retractable, fabric roof. They protect you not only from varying climatic conditions, but also protect your outdoor spaces. These awnings in Perth are designed to protect your homes from damaging UV rays and inappropriate heat while maintaining the view and natural light by using see-through fabrics. With this beautifully designed, high quality, effective sun shades, you can extend living areas into the outdoors to enjoy protected surroundings.

Benefits of iShade Awnings & Shade Systems

Control the Sun

Transparent grades of high quality fabrics in five market trendy colours to control the amount of natural light or shade without compromising your views.

Modern Robust Design

Enhance prominent structural features with slimline and minimal protective long life casings that you can easily operate manually or with motorised controls.


Have the sun WHERE and WHEN you want it. Control the intensity and angle of the shading to suit your mood and optimise your life with nature.


Reduce destructive heat before it bombards the window or your furniture. Yes, it protects your interior luxuries against the UV, heat and glare, increasing longevity.

Different Types of iShade Awnings & Shade Systems

1. Folding Arm Awning: This system gives a facelift to your outdoor area and makes it more lively and stylish.

2. Ecoscreen: This system offers complete protection from harmful UV rays, which also help cutting down the heating and cooling costs.

3. Pivot Arm Awning: This shade solution is perfect for upper floor windows, door or verandas in your house. It withstands changing Australian climates and remains stables in harsh winds.

4. Enviroscreen: It is the ultimate solution for you from sun and wind. Its see-through fabric keeps your view uninterrupted all the time.

Final Words

iShade Awnings & Shade Systems is your sun-solution, which allows you to create an outdoor area ideal for barbeques, entertaining and weekend fun.Are you looking to make a purchase on retractable awnings in Perth? Contact Sola Shade who specialise in offering iShade Awnings & Shade Systems!

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