Is Super White Dolomite good for countertops?

High on aesthetics and performance, and low on maintenance, Super White Dolomite is the right material for your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Super White is a unique material made of Dolomite marble and Quartz, and harder than the marble slabs. While Dolomite features Quartz veining, which makes it for a durable, strong, and less porous, Super White exhibits marble appearance that is staining and etching resistant. This is what makes the Super White Dolomite a suitable option for countertops.

In fact, the Super White Dolomite Sydney is the durable and affordable alternatives as it provides a classic finish that resembles the high-end benchtop materials.

Why choose Dolomite stone benchtops?

If you want an affordable and beautiful material for your benchtop, you can’t go wrong with Super White Dolomite. Yes,super white dolomite cost is affordable when compared to marble, granite, and quartz.It gives the aesthetic appeal of marble while offering the durability of granite. Dolomite stone countertops are gaining recognition among Australian homeowners for its uniqueness, aesthetic appeal, and the benefits it offers. It is no doubt that dolomite countertops will add a touch of elegance to your interiors, stand out, and be remarkable and unique for years.

In terms of staining, dolomite should be sealed as it is porous to prevent staining. However, since this stone is less porous, stronger, more durable, and resistant to heat, they are less prone to staining and etching. But, still sealing the stone will help avoid staining. Even though it performs better than true marble, it can get scratched and etches. So, you need to consider the maintenance if you are planning to install it in your kitchen countertop.

Super White Dolomite stones are recommended for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, in order to ensure its longevity, it requires care and maintenance. Although the slabs are sealed, you must get it resealed annually based on the usage and exposure to sunlight. Routine cleaning is crucial and clean it daily as you would do for any other surface. By following these tips, you can keep the Super White Dolomite benchtops looking good and beautiful.

What sort of finishes available?

Dolomite stone comes in polished, semi-polished, and horned. A honed finishing will be less prone to damage and act as extra protection over polished dolomite super white stones. If you find a slab that is sparkling and attractive, it would be a polished one. So, speak to the supplier about getting it honed.

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