Is software testing easier than software development?

Software testing is very easy to handle for software developers. It is easy to learn about the Software course. They are many points explained.

• Tests also trigger even more duplication of code, and this must be managed. I think this automatic testing is much harder than the actual production of a key code basis.

• Assessments appear to lead to even more circumstances like replication of code but are not necessarily. Often many experiments with almost identical codes are a mistake, but simply transferring all the common code to different methods will trigger problems if you have another similar case requiring different behavior.


• Reviews also need to set up the main application framework and deal with missing features in the main system. For example, you write code that sends packets over the network and put a package of if-else statements to deal with errors when the network slows down. But once you start writing an automated test, you run into firewall or network emulator configuration issues quickly and check your end-2-end results.

• Test problems occur in each construction. Have any unstable experiments failed sometimes and every construct had to be replicated three times? It will make the key app even more frustrating than lousy codebase.

• Tests may have much more code than the main program.

• Tests can have trouble solving scalability issues. You can easily complete around 1000 tests after 6 months of growth, lasting 10 minutes. Therefore, you either have to wait ten minutes for all tests to pass after fixing a tooltip in the code or you will hope that nothing has been broken.

• Many cases can be formed more easily than checked. For example, writing a small snippet of competitive code is fairly easy, but it can take a lot of time to check actions.



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