Is Porcelain Good For Countertops?

You may think porcelain is a popular choice for bathroom fixtures, but does it suits for benchtops? The porcelain slabs outperforms alternative countertop surfaces as it is engineered to offer endurance and unique style for interior and exterior applications. While granite and quartz materials are impressive in durability, the strength of porcelain countertops is often ignored.

It may be a new idea for many, but, Porcelain benchtops Sydney are more than just a passing trend. In fact, there is a good demand for Porcelain Slabs in Sydney, and their popularity has grown steadily in recent years. This trend is expected to continue as it takes over both commercial and residential design industry for good reasons.

Here are a few valuable reasons why porcelain is good for benchtops:-


While other countertop materials may crack and stain, porcelain is designed to last for a long period. They are resistant to chemicals, detergents, and blemishes. In addition to being durable, porcelain slabs are scratch and abrasion resistant that is ideal for high-use areas. These durable properties of the porcelain slabs make it an ideal choice and lifelong investment.


The options are limitless for how and where to use porcelain slabs. Yes, you could install them on your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor bars, office reception areas, etc. In fact, you will be spoilt with choice due to porcelain’s versatile characteristic. It is ideal for both indoors and outdoors and is impervious to damage from extreme temperatures, UV light and humidity. Since the average water absorption for the material is just 0.1%, it makes them an ideal choice for places that is high in moisture. Besides, they are also resistant to fire.

Realistic visuals

Porcelain slabs are available in both polished and unpolished finishes and are produced in the highest quality digital printing technology that gives realistic visuals. It can blend with any design style. Whether your home features contemporary style or modern, porcelain can fit any design style. Yes, the designs blend with hottest trends of concrete finishes and vibrant whites while also delivering the natural stone and marble inspired designs. Besides, the neutral hues make it easy to match with any other design elements in your home or office.

Easy to maintain

Cleaning and maintaining is a breeze with Porcelain Slabs Sydney. All it needs a paper towel and some clear water to clean them. General cleaners that are available at the local grocery store will do better to remove the tough stains.

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