Is it Time to Replace Your Tile Flooring?


Has your floor lost its shine? The floors in your home bear the wear and tear it receives. Daily, floors are put to the test of handling spills, dirty shoes, scratches, sweepers, and more. So, it is no wonder they squeak a little louder than usual. It is only a matter of time before they need replacement. But, the question is – “Is it time to replace my floor tile?” While the thought of replacing the floor and decor tile Antioch may be daunting, knowing when it is time to replace will help you make informed decisions before it heads off to more serious issues.

Here are the warning signs that indicate your floors need to be replaced:-


Any type of flooring that has several or deep cracks needs to be replaced immediately. When cracks are left untreated, it can lead to more serious problems over time. Besides, it serves as a breeding ground for mites and insects. Visible damages like cracks and chips on your tile are all signs of flooring past its expiry date. Cracks are irreversible damages and can’t be put right. So, if the damage is visible, then it is time to head to the best tile and floor store Antioch IL and choose the best tiles that suit your décor.

Flooring is uneven

This is one of the tale-tale signs it is time to replace the tiles. While walking on the floor, if you fee dips and highs of the floor beneath your foot, then there is an underlying issue with your flooring. Besides, if you spot water spills pooling in certain areas, then you have an uneven floor. Probably the packing beneath the floor may have been collapsed and made the floor loose in the troubled spots. The existing tile has to be ripped up, and the base needs to be refilled and leveled before placing the tiles.

Water damage causing the floor to rot

It can occur due to stagnant water on any kind of flooring, especially marbles and vitrified tiles and wood. One of the major issues that water damage causes to the tile flooring is that it can loosen up over time. It can occur due to the adhesive that is holding the tiles into position will be deteriorated by the presence of moisture.

Your floors are faded

If your floors look old and outdated, it is time to replace them. However, you can repair the originals if they can be restored and don’t have any additional signs of damages.

Unfortunately, the floor does not last forever. Visit the right floor tile store Antioch and choose the best tiles that suit your home décor.

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