Is it Necessary to Prime the Walls before Painting?

A coat of primer is necessary for all painting projects, no matter if it is a new wall, bare metal, old wood, brick or any other surface. Primer is a sticky, flat paint that is designed to adhere and provide a base for topcoats of paint. If you paint a wall without priming it, you will likely not achieve the perfect finish and require more coats for adequate coverage. Besides, the paint won’t stick to the surface without a coat of primer.

Though regular primer can help to hide small imperfections, most of the products don’t cover the marks left by water and permanent markers. The house painters Toronto insist on removing the stains first and then priming the walls.

Advantages of using a primer

Priming a wall before painting offers a range of benefits and here are they:-

-One of the most important benefits of using a primer is to ensure proper adhesion of the paint to the surface

-It improves the aesthetic of the finish with more consistent color and sheen level, ensuring a long-lasting finish

-Applying primer will also increase the longevity and practicality of your finish

-Primer reduces the suction of the top paint coats into the surface, which reduces the total thickness. A higher film reduces the likelihood of minor cracks over time.

-It helps block out stains and odours

-Priming a wall before painting also helps to save time and money

How to choose the right primer?

The primer you are using will also have an impact on the paint finish. Yes, the right primer should be used for a specific project, ensuring the most durable and beautiful finish. There are three different types of primer:


It is the primary choice of residential painters Toronto as it is versatile and works well for latex-based paint. Besides, it is compatible with all kinds of surfaces, including metal and wood surfaces. In fact, it is ideal for all types of surfaces as it covers stains and porous surfaces.


Latex-based primers are used for the preparation of drywall. They are also as effective as oil-based primers in covering wall stains and giving uniformity to the wall surface. It is affordable and easy to use, as well.

Shellac primer

There is no better alternative for sealing wooden surfaces than shellac primer. Moreover, it covers tough stains on the wall better than other primers.

The primer can help solve specific problems and lead to cost and time savings. So, skipping the primer is not a good idea when it comes to the exterior or interior house painting Toronto.

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