Is Dental Fear Preventing You From Receiving Dental Implants? Here’s What You Need to Know

Dental fear is very common among Australians. In fact, it is one of the significant reasons why many tend to put off dental treatments like dental implants next to the cost of the procedure. People with a dental fear will generally have higher levels of anxiety and will be more anxious during the procedure. Even worse, some don’t visit the dentist at all even if they experience tooth pain.

Gone are the days when the dental procedures were painful. Today, with modern technology and techniques, dental procedures are minimally invasive, painless, and quick recovery. If you are planning to get dental implants Melbourne but afraid that it is going to be painful, then dental sedation is the right option.

There are lots of ways to approach your dental anxiety, and dental sedation is one of them.

What Is Dental Sedation And How It Helps You?

Dental sedation uses a range of medications to help patients relax and cooperate during dental procedures, including dental implants Melbourne. It is referred to as sleep dentistry. However, the sedation doesn’t put you sleep like those who are in general anaesthesia. But, you won’t feel any pain and nerves during the treatment. You’ll be completely relaxed.

Sedation will make you feel comfortable and relaxed and also allows getting dental procedures without experiencing any pain. Moreover, today’s dental implant technology allows placing the implants without any stitches.

Types of dental sedation

The following are the sedation types used in dentistry:-

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation ranges from minimal to moderate. You’ll be asked to take the pills an hour before the procedure. The pill will make you drowsy, but still, you’ll be wide awake and aware of what’s going on.

IV sedation

You’ll receive the sedative drug through a vein, so it works quickly. This method allows the dentist to continually adjust the level of sedation while you’ll be relaxed and comfortable.

General Anaesthesia

You’ll get medicines that will make you completely unconscious during the procedure. You won’t remember what had happened.

Nitrous Oxide

You’ll be asked to breathe nitrous combined with oxygen through a mask, and it helps you to relax.

The type of sedation you choose greatly influences the overall dental implants cost Melbourne. However, regardless of the type of sedation you use, you’ll be given a local anaesthetic to numb the site where the dentist will work.

Speak to your dentist regarding your fears as your dentist can work with you to combat your fears and work out why you are afraid of getting dental implants. Don’t listen to t the horror stories of people who have already had dental implants. Not two patient’s oral health is the same, and the procedure of getting cheap dental implants Melbourne differs from patient to another.

The author is an experienced dentist. With the help of dental professionals, he claims to provide safe and painless dental implants Melbourne using latest dental technology and techniques. Visit for more details.

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