Is an Emergency Phone Required In an Elevator?

It is a legal requirement for any building with lifts to have a lift emergency phone for a safe operation. Did you know that about 20% of lifts have no emergency phone that will work in the coming months. This is because most lift phone will not be compatible with the NBN as the exiting Copper network will be switched off.

So, new Australian guidelines suggest that facility owners should install a dual-path communication system. Besides, you need to make changes in your lift emergency phone connection before the NBN arrives in your facility. Businesses have to find a new nbn lift phone solution prior to the NBN installation in your area.

So What should you do?

The NBN will replace the existing phone and internet networks very soon. If you haven’t taken any appropriate corrective action, it will affect the compliant operation of essential services such as emergency lift phones. You have to upgrade your lift’s emergency phone to ensure the occupants can get the assistance at any time during a breakdown and in a power failure.

Of course, the existing line works during a blackout as the telephone exchanges have backup power. However, the NBN uses fibre optic technology that doesn’t carry power. Hence, many building will not have a landline that works during a power shutdown. So, it is imperative to upgrade your lift’s emergency telephone system.


So What is the solution?

Think Pickle’s 4G lift phone is the solution! It is a wireless lift phone system and hardware unit that utilises a mobile network with multiple backups and fast response times. It can be installed easily and ensures that the lift is connected to multiple mobile networks even during a blackout. The lift mobile phone numbers can be managed in the Pickle Portal in real time. Now that’s Simply Awesome. Now once you register, your phone will be monitored round the clock and in the event of a power outage, the phones keep working, unlike the NBN!

It could be installed in all lift makes and models. The equipment is fully tested and approved to Australian Communications and Media Authority compliance standards. In fact, you can expect fast response services at all times. The unit functionality is monitored all day round the clock and ensures your building lifts are prepared for any emergency. Yes, the building occupants will be able to reach the assistance they require when the lift stops working. Great Huh!

Think Pickle offers a standalone solution to replace your existing lift phone nbn lines that are being decommissioned during NBN network migration.

Scott Bouquet from Think Pickle’s Marketing team provides lift phone nbn solution. Pickle strata offer an easy, seamless solution to the NBN and lift phones problem. Visit for more details.

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