Is Al Farabi Kazakh National University Recognized by the World Bodies?

1.       Offers Wide Variety of MBBS Programs

Kazakhstan offers a wide variety of MBBS programs that are recognized by the world bodies in many countries.

2.       Students Apply for Admission on Kazakhstan

Thousands of medical students apply for admissions in the medical schools of Kazakhstan.

3.       Offering Great Quality Medical Programs

The majority of the medical universities in countries such as Kazakhstan are offering great quality medical programs and at many economical fees than what they are Indian counterparts charge from the students.

4.       Hidden Expenses While Studying

The students always find new hidden expenses while studying in the private medical schools of India.

5.       The Fee is Told in Advance and No Extra Hidden Fee Charged

However, in Kazakhstan, the fee is told in advance and no extra hidden fee is charged from the students.

6.       Do Not Charge Donations to Give Admissions

Even the medical schools of Kazakhstan do not charge donations to give admissions, unlike many other private Indian medical schools.

7.       Provide Excellent Practical and Theoretical Knowledge

The medical universities of Kazakhstan are known to provide excellent practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge.

8.       Trained Finest Doctors and Physicians of the World

The focus which is given by these universities overtraining has helped them to produce some of the finest doctors and physicians of the world.

9.       Universities of Kazakhstan Top-Notch Reputation

Several countries students apply for admission in the medical universities of Kazakhstan because of its top-notch reputation.

10.   Providing an Excellent Quality of Education

The rankings which they secured on the world level by consistently providing an excellent quality of education to the students.

11.   Universities Run by Corruption

There are many medical universities of abroad that are run by corruption.

12.   Pay a High Amount of Fees to Get Admissions

The students have to pay a high amount of fees to get admissions and later on during the course the students sometimes pay money to teachers to pass the exams.

13.   Kazakhstan has Strict Policies Regarding Admission

In Kazakhstan, the medical universities are pretty serious about these issues and they have strict policies regarding this.

14.   Management Takes Strict Action Against

If any student or teacher is found in any kind of wrongdoing then the management takes strict action against them to set an example for the others.

15.   Affordable Fee of Education

The affordable fees of education in the medical universities of the country is one of the major reasons why several international students give preference to study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

16.   Produced Skilled and Top-Notch Medical Graduates

Al Farabi Kazakh National University (KazGU or KazNU) has consistently produced skilled and top-notch medical graduates who are currently working in various parts of the world.

17.   Organizes Frequent Seminars and Conferences

The Al Farabi Kazakh National University (KazGU or KazNU) organizes frequent seminars and conferences with the top doctors and teachers from all over the world to share their knowledge with the students.

18.   Professional Affiliations with the Majority of the Top Hospitals

The universities of Kazakhstan have professional affiliations with the majority of the top hospitals in the country.

19.   Provided Guidance by the Best and the Highly Experienced Doctors

The students are provided guidance by the best and the highly experienced doctors in the country.

20.   Education Quality at the Universities

The education quality of the medical universities of Kazakhstan can be understood by the fact.

21.   High Percentage of Students Clearing FMGE Test

They have a high percentage of students clearing the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening tests annually which are also called the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) test.

22.   Take Care of Medical Problems

It is an important test which is made compulsory by the MCI (Medical Council of India) for the students who have completed their medical education from abroad.

23.   Know How to Take Care of Medical Problems

They ensure that the students know how to take care of medical problems which are common in India without any problems.

24.   Excellent Accommodation Facilities

The Al Farabi Kazakh National University (KazGU or KazNU) have excellent accommodation facilities and are known to provide comfortable rooms and facilities to the students.

25.   Advantages the Country Has to Offer for the Students

Those students, who are planning to study MBBS in abroad, must consider Al Farabi Kazakh National University (KazGU or KazNU) of Kazakhstan has its option because of the many advantages, the country has to offer for the students.

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