IR Gas Detector – How it Works & 4 Benefits You Should Know

Gas detectors are an extremely useful tool that can detect gas leakages and prevent devastating accidents in industrial facilities. Gas detectors have the ability to shut down the processes instantaneously, as soon as the presence of gas is noticed. This also triggers an alarm to alert the workers and everybody else in the area about the same, so they could evacuate to safety right on time.

So how exactly does an infrared gas detector, such as the Simtronics GD10P, works to ensure safety? Here’s what you should know:

How Does it Work?

Infrared gas detectors work on the basis of the infrared absorption principle. When a certain volume of gas enters the measurement chamber, the infrared light will illuminate the same. When light passes through it, the gas molecules will absorb some of the infrared wavelengths. The wavelength of light absorbed by the gas is called the sample wavelength, and the wavelength that passes without being absorbed is called the reference wavelength.

As the light passes through the gas, the intensity of the absorbed light at sample wavelength drops, whereas the intensity at the reference wavelength remains unchanged. The ratio of both these signals is then computed by the microprocessor, from which the gas concentration is determined.

IR gas detectors such as the Simtronics GD10P comprise of solid-state infrared sources, infrared detectors, as well as optical filters. If there’s no leakage, the signals from the detectors will be balanced.

Different kinds of gases will have distinct absorption spectra, therefore a specific infrared wavelength will be chosen to accurately measure the leakage of a particular kind of gas. This way, no false alarms are triggered when a different type of gas is detected by the device.

Benefits of IR Gas Detection Device:

Compared to other kinds of gas detectors, infrared gas detection systems such as the Simtronics GD10P detector provide great advantages to users. Here are some of the important ones listed below:

– Infrared gas detectors respond almost instantaneously when there is a gas detection. It takes only less than 10 seconds to execute the safety measures in the event of a leakage.

– IR gas detectors can work perfectly in any environment, regardless of the amount of oxygen present. This is why the equipment is perfect for use in offshore facilities.

– Gas detectors won’t be impacted by poisoning or contamination, thus making them one of the most reliable devices for safety.

– They hardly require any maintenance and are highly durable. Periodic cleaning of the reflectors and optical detectors is only necessary for efficient performance, which is why they are preferred for use in inaccessible areas.

For easy and reliable gas detection, infrared detectors are perfect for various industries, especially oil and gas applications. With its fail-safe design, ability to function in inert atmospheres, and instant response times, you could never go wrong with a hydrocarbon infra red point gas detector. Contact a supplier today.

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