Infographic: How Much Do Bathtub Liners Cost

One of the most items used in the bathroom is the bathtub if not the toilet because bathing is a necessity like going to the toilet. Because of this, tubs can often crack and fade in color over time. Some house owners buy new bathtubs because they can afford to do so and to update their bathtub as well.

Others choose to have a shower instead of a bathtub because of the modern aesthetic it brings to the bathroom. Having showers instead of bathtub is also the choice of many house owners that are always on the go and not having time to relax on a bubble bath.

Another option that many have chosen is having tub liners installed. Compared to the two other options, tub liners are less expensive and quicker to install.

If you wish to have a tub liner installed in your tub and you have no idea for the pricing, here is an infographic from DURACARE Baths.

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