Incorporate these Website Improvements to Boost Sales Post COVID – 19

COVID – 19 has impacted businesses worldwide. But, there are also some hidden positives. It has given a great opportunity for businesses to pause and focus on improvements they can make to deliver a better service. Doing this could result in increased customers and improved sales figures. So, the experts from a leading web design agency in Parramatta explains how you can take advantage of this opportunity to improve your business.

Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed has an enormous effect on your website, and you must pay attention to it to reduce the bounce rate. It’s not only responsible for visitors leaving your site but also impacts how your website is ranked by Google and other search engines. A slow-loading website makes you harder to find and puts off more customers. Talk to the professionals from the best website design agency in Parramatta to improve page load times.

Create Fresh Content

If you have a habit of rarely updating your website content, you must focus on freshening up your website content to make it optimised and readable. A well-written content decides the success of your website, and many researches indicate that freshening up your content brings in more traffic to your website.

Change the Colour of the CTA Button

Changing the colour of the CTA button seems like the simplest detail but can have a huge impact on your website. Experimenting with CTA colours is an effective strategy to find out the right colour option for your brand. The colour choice may vary depending on your target industry and audience. So, experiment with different colours to come up with one that’s completely effective.

Don’t Miss Out on Videos and Images

Images and videos aren’t overstated, and they have the ability to bring in more sales to your business. It provides them with a good look at what they are considering and help them make a buying decision. If your website isn’t featuring the image or video of the product you are offering, your customers will go somewhere else to find it. So, always include pictures of your products from a variety of angles and settings to attract more customers.

The Bottom Line

Many businesses are planning and using this COVID – 19 break to focus on updating their business strategy and making useful improvements that can reflect positively on the sales. Your professionals from a design agency will help you implement these changes and ensure your sales are doing well post COVID-19.

The author of this article is associated with a web design agency Parramatta and writes about how web design changes affect the sales of your business. Visit for more information.

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