Important tips should be followed by beginners in cricket

If you are a beginner in cricket then this article is for you. As we already know, Cricket is the 2nd most popular sport in the world. Cricket was invented in the year 1844 and the Canadian cricket team played their first international cricket match in the world. Are you searching for the best Cricket Academy in Chennai? Bat and Ball based game played between 2 teams. Each team consists of 11 players and they follow certain rules like six ball in one over, umpire rule is finalized, time duration, overthrow causes additional runs, etc. The report says that the average percentage of 101 million people are watching cricket in live, TV and digital medium.

               First of all, as a beginner you need to learn all the basic rules in cricket. Learn all the techniques in batting and bowling point. In the Batting side try to score many runs before getting out, hit the ball run between the wickets before the fielders caught the ball, hit the balls over 4 or 6 and aim to score many runs before losing all wickets.

               In the Bowling side aim to take 10 wickets as soon as possible, try to pick the wicket of batsmen before reaching the others side of the pitch and hit the ball to batsman’s leg for a wicket as per LBW rule.  

               Some basic skills and exercises are needed for beginners. Speed in throwing the ball and catching the ball, concentrate to play for a long time, good coordination in hand and eye and final is try to set some special strategy in your batting and bowling techniques. We provide the best Cricket Coaching in Chennai.

               Important tips to be followed by beginners in cricket. First choose the right brand of equipment like a ball, bat, 3 stumps and 2 bails. The bat should be in 38” in length, 4.5” in width and weight must between 1kg to 1.7kg. The ball must be in a red or white round leather ball. First practice with traditional leather ball and move to the original leather ball. Wooden Stumps stands with two bails.

               Take an overlook of ground and pitch. Analyze the pitch whether it’s a fast or slow pitch that helps in your play. Strictly follow the umpire decision and actions carefully. Analyze the fielding position of fielders and batsmen ways of out (runout, LBW, caught, hit wicket, etc) and batsmen and bowlers should watch umpires hand signal carefully. For more information visit us at Cricket Club in Chennai.

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