Important of Water pH Measurement Equipment in Industries

Water is the source and basis of all life, and vital for metabolism and is the most significant victuals. As a solvent and transporting agent, it contains the most important nutrients and minerals. Similarly, water is increasing, dangerous pollutants, which bioaccumulate in terrestrial or aquatic organisms. Yes, high organic contamination in water may act as a hindrance to several industrial operations, leading to problems. Impurities can be generally found in all types of water- natural and treated drinking water for process and cooling water to the water for use in pharmaceuticals, and food production. For instance, an excess of organic matter can foster microbiological growth or, when disinfecting drinking water, encourage the presence of undesirable by-product. That’s why reliable online analysers for water treatment are extremely important for plant optimisation and process safety. pH meters are used to measure and monitor the pH level of water treatment. pH measurement is the most important quality-relevant parameter in industrial processes.

Important Of pH Measurement

Did you know more than 30% of all quality-relevant measurements in processes are pH measurements? Knowing the pH measurement of water treatment is very important for many chemical and analytical tasks and its measurement determines any follow up measurements. Environmental protection, consistent product quality, process optimisation and safety – just a few reasons why liquid analysis is becoming increasingly essential.

Advantages of Using Water pH Measurement Equipment

1. Aside from having to occasionally purchase calibration standards and probe storage solutions once you make the initial purchase, you can measure as many pH values as you desire.

2. Able to measure down to the 0.01th of pH unit.

3. Reading a pH meter is much less subjective than reading a colour strip or a pH indicator.

4. Using a pH indicator can be messier than using a pH meter. Using a pH meter, you can insert the probe into the liquid you are measuring.

5. Properly calibrated inline analysers can measure more accurately than other methods of pH measurement.

Measuring pH in industry

Liquids such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dairy products, beverages, water, and more have to be analysed day in and day out. Here are the lists of industry where pH measurement is a must.

– Paper and Textiles Industry

– Electrochemical Industry

– Food industry

Final Words

Most products require a specific pH for activity or stability, especially in the food and beverage industry, cosmetic industry, and the pharmaceutical sector. So, comprehensive water pH measurement equipment (Sigrist AquaDMS Water Disinfection Measuring System, SIGRIST AquaMaster, or BACTOSENSE Microbiological monitoring of drinking water) is a must if your industries are in need of measuring the pH values for your product.

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