Importance of Wrapping Food in greaseproof paper this Pandemic Season

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting lives across the world, from transforming the virtual classrooms to early restaurant closing times. Many public health measures are adapted to reduce the exposure to this virus to bring down the spread of this disease. No one is aware of how long this virus will stay in place, but it calls for the need to protect and improve your health with social distancing. Also, everyone is aware that the disease can be spread from person to person through small droplets ejected from the mouth or nose when sneezing or coughing. This could land on objects and surfaces nearby.

As a restaurant owner, you might have realised by now that it is important to follow good hygiene practices and cook to the right temperature when handling or preparing foods. Moreover, people prefer healthy eating more important to keep their immune system in good shape. Here are some good reasons that you must use greaseproof paper to deliver healthy food to your customers during the times of COVID.

– Keeps the Food Safe – When you wrap the food securely, it ensures your customers that the food you deliver is safe and meets the safety standards. Also, using printed greaseproof paper will ensure that no external particles touch the food. This way, you are keeping your customers also safe.

– Sustainable – Printed greaseproof paper can be recycled, reused and are biodegradable. They are not like aluminium foils, they don’t upset the surroundings. This eco-friendly nature is one of the best advantages offered by the printed greaseproof paper.

– Promotes Your Brand – Printed greaseproof paper is now more preferred in the market. You can get your business, logo and contact number printed on the greaseproof paper. This can create more engagement and promote your business and stand out from your rivals. The more you promote, the more likely are your prospects to speak about your brand and campaign you to others.

– Flexibility – The greaseproof paper possesses highly resistant qualities, hence it is appropriate for packing any type of food like – sandwiches, truffles, meals and much more. This makes the printed greaseproof paper an excellent choice in the hospitality business like – catering, gastro pubs, cafes and any type of eating places.

– Adds Value to Your Business – Beautiful and professional way for presenting the food, adds more value to your business. If you are looking to portray your business in the most professional way, add your business name and logo in the wrap used in takeaway foods, chip baskets and also as mats on the table.

In this pandemic season, when people hesitate to eat out, you can ensure your customers by using printed greaseproof paper to wrap food. Get in touch with genuine printed greaseproof paper suppliers to get the right greaseproof paper for your restaurant business.

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