Importance of Using Roofing System in Backyard Wedding

With the outbreak of the pandemic COVID 19, it has become the need of the hour to avoid large social gatherings. This is the reason why the new backyard weddings are suddenly big news now, as you don’t have to succumb to strict rules. If you’re lucky enough to have access to a garden, all you have to do is to install Louvre Roof Perth and get the party started! Here are a few ideas to take your backyard weddings to the next level –

Weather-Proof the Venue

Measure your space ahead of time, and opt for Louvre Roof Systems, to protect your guests from sunshine or rain. These are permanent systems, which will defend you and your property from the weather, while enhancing the value of the property. So, with a wedding arriving in your family, it is a great chance to install Louvre Roofing and create a spot for your guests and family to hang out.

Cooking Facility

Even if you hire the best caterer in the world to cook the best cuisines at your backyard wedding, they will obviously need a place to cook. Having a Louvre Roofing will offer them the sufficient space to prepare the best food. Also make sure to check with your caterer on how much space they would require, and if they would require power etc.

Dance Floor

Organising a backyard wedding doesn’t mean that you will have to skip the best wedding traditions. You can very well turn the backyard into a dance floor and have your first dance as couple as the sunsets. Hire a DJ to set the dance floor in motion and have everyone up the deck. When you have Louvre Roof Systems, you can have disco ball setting and get everyone dancing.

Seating Facility

Seating is an important element of the backyard wedding ceremony. You need to have your guests seated throughout the evening. Get a bunch of chair and table from the professional hiring companies and have them organised on time in the venue. You can arrange these chairs or tables under the Louvre Roof Systems for a comfortable seating.

The Bar

You can have your guests serve themselves or have a manned bar. Make sure to stock up more drinks than you will require. This is because, some people have the habit of hitting the spirits at an event like a wedding. Whether your bar is manned or not, ensure to add in ice, water, soft drinks, garnishes etc. Since the booze is sure to extend late night, it is best to arrange the bar under a Louvre Roofing to safeguard from external sources.

Hopefully these tips will help you organise your dream wedding in your backyard under the Louvre Roofing. Speak to the experts in Louvre Roof Perth to create the perfect backyard for your wedding.

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