Importance of SEO during COVID-19 Pandemic

While the coronavirus has increased internet usage exponentially, it has also caused search traffic to business websites to plummet in many industries. So, SEO is essential for your business right now. It helps you stand out from the crowd and getting chosen over competitors in search results.Here, let’s take a look at why you should hire SEO Company in Sydney and cover tangible strategies your business can implement during this time.

Why SEO during COVID-19?

– It is free, and you just might have the time.

– Search is only going to be more ingrained in our lives after the pandemic.

– SEO gains are long-term.

– The visitors you do attract right now are likely to be highly qualified.

– There is no “bad” time to publish evergreen content, a staple of SEO.

– Consumers confined to their community are seeking out local businesses.

– COVID-19 is trending, while SEO is consistent practice.

Tangible SEO Strategies

1.Create New Content That’s Highly Relevant Right Now

Creating new content is one of the effective SEO services in Sydney that drives more traffic to your site immediately.

2.Implement FAQPage Schema Markup

Google’s quick to pick up on the implementation of the FAQPage Schema markup, so this should garner you results quickly. So, now we need to get creative and mark up content with the Schema type FAQPage.

3.Write New Short-Form Content for Long-Tail Queries

Incorporate these queries into new, short-form content pieces. While these queries’ individual search volumes aren’t that high, their combined search volume and low competition make them worth pursuing. So, incorporate the low-search-volume question-like queries that you found during keyword research.

4.Consolidate Existing Content

Consolidating the content into one stronger page, you’re giving them a fighting chance. Chances are, you’ll find some related or maybe even highly similar content.

5.Improve Existing Content

Targeting queries with very specific content will often win you a featured snippet as well.You may need to add sections to your existing content or create a separate page for its hub-and-spokes style.For the first-page rankings, you’ll find that even with some minor tweaks to your content, you’ll be able to move up a few spots or win a featured snippet.

6.Keyword Research

Collect all the relevant queries, check how you’re currently performing, and split the queries into:

– Queries with Page 1 rankings

– Queries with Page 2 rankings

– Queries that you rank for below Page 2

Use whatever data you can get your hands on. Grab your top-performing content pieces and look up what queries they’re already ranking for.

Final Words

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