Importance of Replacing a Missed Tooth with a Dental Implant

Has your dentist suggested replacing your lost tooth with a dental implant? And are you confused, if you should replace it now? Keep reading to know the importance of replacing a missed tooth. But, before we dive into it, let us address the common question.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a strong, tiny screw made of titanium. The implant will be placed surgically into the jaw to replace the root of the missing tooth. The screw will connect the crown firmly to the jaw.

Affordable dental implants Sydney can replace missing or broken teeth. It can also provide support to removable or loose dentures. Now that the question is answered, let’s look at the importance of getting dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Enhance your Appearance:

It might sound superficial to someone who has all their teeth. But missing even a single tooth can put lots of emotional stress on a person. Every one of us is concerned about our appearance, and a missing tooth can affect our confidence.

Losing your perfect smile because of missing one or two teeth can cause a loss of self-esteem and even lead to depression, which can affect your professional and personal life.

But dental implants Sydney have come to the rescue! It has been found that the implants are effective in boosting the confidence level of patients and their life. This is because, with dental implants, there is no visible difference between a natural tooth and a replaced one. It can boost your physical appearance.

Preserve your Oral Health:

When a tooth is lost, it will disturb the balance teeth in the entire dental structure. The gap created will allow the surrounding teeth to shift and tilt. This can lead to further oral problems. Perhaps it can even lead to losing more teeth, and more often than not, bone loss will also occur in the same row.

For better comfort:

If you have all your teeth, then you probably will not know how it feels when a piece of food comes in between the exposed root of the missing teeth and your existing ones.

It is very uncomfortable that people often give up on meat and other food they love, to ease themselves from continuous discomfort and pain. Simply put, losing the ability to chew your food properly can stop you from munching your favourite food. It can even stop you from enjoying a big part of your life.

How can Dental Implants help?

Dental implants can change the life of someone who suffers from missing teeth. When a skilled dentist places the implant in your mouth, it will act as the tooth root and continuously stimulate your jawbones and preserve your teeth and smile. By investing in affordable dental implants cost Sydney, you can enjoy all your favourite food, smile confidently, and live a healthy, happy life.

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