Importance of Flying Flags in Schools

Flying the flag is a good start. On every other day of the year, the Australian flag would be flown. There is no more beautiful sight than the Australian flag flying at full mast. Flying or displaying the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags at your school or early learning service shows respect for, and recognition of, the first Australians. And it’s a good thing for schools to fly the Australian flag, which does more than the patriotic. So, whenever it was the national day of any country that had a descendent at the school, the flag of that country would be flown. Also, schools must fly the Australian National Flags in Perth on national flag days, if the school is open and days when patriotic ceremonies are conducted.

Hoisting Flags in Schools

In the 19th and this 20th century, there was considerable public and government support for flag-raising ceremonies in schools. Plans a few decades later to reinvigorate these regulations and make daily flag-raising in schools compulsory aroused great debate. School Flag Poles in Perth were even chopped down in protest.

Flag Role in Centuries

In 1901 Australia’s first Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Sir Edmund Barton, announced an international competition to design a flag for the new Commonwealth of Australia. There were 32,823 entries, and five nearly-identical entries were awarded equal first. The flag was flown for the first time on 3 September 1901 at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne, which was then the seat of the federal government. In this original design, the stars of the Southern Cross had different numbers of points to signify their brightness.

In the late 19th century, the use of the flag to promote patriotic and imperial ideals was advocated. Letters to the newspapers called on the government and Education Boards to instil respect for the flag in children through flag-raising ceremonies that would heighten a sense of national identity and pride. The government initially responded by making occasional gifts of flags to schools. Weekly ceremonies to salute the flag became compulsory in all state schools in 1921.

The Bottom Line

Flying the flag is a great thing and a fine proposal. Are you looking to change your School Flags & Banners with the custom new one, or in need of new Australian national flags? Contact Tudor House, the leading provider of custom design flags, flag poles, banner, and national flag for the school.

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