Importance of Building a Strong SEO Program During COVID-19


COVID-19 has changed the way the whole world is operating. The shopping malls and branded stores are closed, with an upsurge in the number of people who use the internet on a daily basis. This means, the companies have great chances for increasing their online presence through the traditional SEO approaches. If you are new to the digital marketing world, or are looking to strengthen your online presence, here are a few tips for you –

Why Should You Consider Working On SEO For Your Business During COVID-19?

A research by Numerator says, “1 in 3 consumers stated that the news of Coronavirus has already impacted their shopping behavior.” After lockdown, most people are looking out online more than they did previously. This is one of the major reasons why companies are intensely considering local SEO NYC now. Moreover, this is a cost-effective option when compared with other approaches.

Ideas to Build a Strong SEO Program during COVID-19

Informative Content

Developing quality content that offers appropriate information is a great way to gain the trust of the customers. In this critical situation like COVID 19, it is important to gain trust rather than pitching sales. The best way to gain trust is by developing informative content that answers the questions of the customers. Focus on the user rather than for the search engines. To get help with writing informative contents, get the help of SEO consultant Queens NY.

Enhance your Web Presence

As you know, the key to reach your customers is to gain their trust. Meaning, the more trust you gain, the more likely are they to click on your content in the SERPs. This makes it necessary to manage your brand’s web presence. The experts at internet marketing agency New York suggest to – (i) update the schema (ii) renovating the Google My Business page with current information (iii) Social Media posts to keep the audience engaged with your brand.

Keep Track Of Your Upcoming Campaigns

Your Local SEO NYC campaign must all be focused on showing empathy and compassion for your audience. So, it is important to stay updated on all facts related to the consumer sensitivities.

Dedicated Page for COVID-19

As the entire world is hit by coronavirus, you must consider constructing a page dedicated to COVID-19. This webpage must include all significant information, statistics and facts related to Coronavirus.

Create More Video Content

Many reports suggest that people spend more time watching video streaming services due to social distancing. So, create more video content that is useful for the users. Take assistance from the SEO insights for content ideas to create effective videos.

It is indeed a misfortune for everyone across the globe, as so many lives are affected by this pandemic. Many human lives and businesses have been wrecked because of coronavirus. However, humanity must survive on. Hoping that the pandemic will end soon, and we will rebuild our lives and economy back.

The author is an expert local SEO NYC consultant, who offers various tactful digital marketing strategies in his blog. Visit for more details.

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