Impact of Video Visits for High Profile Executives of Film Industry

When it comes to high profile executives who are away from their home and couldn’t consult their regular physicians can make use of the video visits with their doctors to get the proper medical support. Even though the doctors prefer direct visits, the health services for film industry understand that you cannot always reach the clinic due to your different schedules. At VIP STARNETWORK, we provide secure video visits. The video visits help you get the same level of medical care that you receive at the clinic. But, you no need to take off from your work or find a sitter to have a video visit. Here, we have mentioned how video visits with doctors help high profile executives of film industry.

Benefits of video visits

– You can fix appointment from anywhere and any time

– No need to reach the clinic in person

– You can get the medical advice from your regular doctor

– Your video visits will be secured

– You can make the video visit at your convenience

– Video visits are appropriate for follow-up and minor urgent care

– You can also have video visits to clarify your doubts regarding medications

– Video visits can help you know what to do after lab and test results

– You can also ask general questions during your video visits

How it works?

If you are planning for a video visit with your doctor, you need to know the procedure to make the video visit. The video visit at VIP STARNETWORK is mentioned below:

Schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment, you need to request your video vise through online or you can make a call to the doctor’s office and fix the appointment.

Confirm your information

After scheduling appointment with VIP STARNETWORK, you will receive an email or text. Then you need to log in to Kareo to confirm your information with using your device.

See your doctor

To see your doctor in video visit, you need to log in 15 minutes before your video visit. You should be prepared with the questions for your doctor.

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