I’m Done! How to Engage Students Who Finish Tasks Early

Nothing makes teachers crazier than looking around the room and seeing students who have finished their work, contentedly sitting at their desks, doing absolutely nothing. Keeping early finishers engaged in the class is a difficult task and finding quality ways to keep them explore is essential. So, here we’ve listed some of the early finisher tasks that students can do when they complete their tasks earlier.

Fast Finisher Task Cards

Fast finishers task cards are bright and engaging tasks cards perfect for all primary school classrooms and include cards for years from one to six. These cards include tasks and activities to reinforce the keep your students busy all year. Early finishers can pick a card whenever they finish their work early, and it keeps them occupied while you shift your focus on kids who are struggling with their work.

Encourage them Help Other Students

When done occasionally, peer teaching is a great idea. But, keep in mind, they cannot spend all their time on tutoring low-achieving students. Tutoring other students allows the early finisher to think deeply about the topic while spending the other half of time on doing activities on task cards encourages him or her to challenge themselves and gain more knowledge. For this, you can find the best teacher resources online for both primary and high school classrooms.

Visual Creative Writing Prompts

Visual creative writing prompts are the best resources for teaching and the perfect option for your classroom. This resource is a 50 page PDF that assists in the development of descriptive writing and language techniques. You can find an engaging image and a prompt that encourages the students to think deeply and improve their vocabulary. The pictures have a focus on the following: weather, seasons, animals, nature, man-made environments, celebrations, food, emotions, movements, humour and texture.

Australian Government

It includes four useful resources to teach your students about the Australian Government and works better for year 5 and 6 students. It comes with slides and worksheets on Local, State, Federal Government, Parliament, Parties & Coalitions, Prime Ministers. It includes 24 task cards to test students’ knowledge about the Australian Government and 30 vocabulary cards to use for a word wall and word definitions templates + answers keys. It’s an extremely valuable resource for students who are learning about ‘Australia as a Nation’.

Individualised Project on what they are Passionate About

If you have early finishers, you can meet with them one-on-one and design long-term projects they can pursue for the entire quarter. It works really well for children who often create the project topic and guidelines themselves.

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