IELTS Calculators

All IELTS scores will be between 0 and 9.


Zero (0) is, of course, the lowest score. It may mean nothing.


There are four parts to IELTS.


  • IELTS Listening

  • IELTS Reading

  • IELTS Writing

  • IELTS Speaking


In each test, you will get a score from 0 to 9. And the average of all the test scores of individual skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening will give the overall band score.




A candidate may score in IELTS as follows:


Listening – 6.5

Reading – 7.5

Writing – 5.5

Speaking – 6


The average of these four different components will be 6.5.


In both General IELTS training and Academic IELTS, the score is calculated in the same way.


Getting Band 8 or above – Is it possible?


To get a band score of 8 or above 8 is possible. There are candidates who even manage to get band 9 in IELTS. Of course, you may think it is impossible. But, it is the truth.


The success in IELTS is all a result of the IELTS preparation. Whether you are attempting it for the first time or taking it for the third time (after attempting it a couple of times in the past), if you wish to get a good score in it, you will have to prepare for it.


Easy way to prepare for the IELTS


IELTS preparation is very simple these days. You can prepare for the IELTS exam sitting at home or during your leisure time at the office or anywhere.


There are plenty of websites and mobile applications that give you the freedom to learn more about it and master it with no difficulty.


But, make sure you count on the best for the IELTS preparation online.


Practicing IELTS will eventually open doors to success for you.


The candidates will take the test under the real IELTS test conditions. This practice will eventually make them value and manage their time in real IELTS.


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