How Vet Pharma Companies Help Animal Owners During the Pandemic-COVID-19?

COVID-19, the pandemic has put the world on hold. People are confined to indoors, only moving out only when it’s a necessity. Along with humans, the pets and few farm animals are facing the heat of this virus. All these animals also need to stay indoors, which would affect their physical and mental health, to a certain level. A few vet pharma companies in India, are proffering supplements that help people keep their pets in the best of their health.  

People are intelligent and capable enough to take good care by staying indoors. Most animal owners do not understand that keeping animals indoors could affect their overall health, as their daily routine has seen a drastic change. A top scientist at an animal health products manufacturer in India shares that the pets, especially dogs, need little physical excursion and social interactions. The COVID has forced people to stay away from those crucial interactions, which help the animals to stay fit and healthy. Experts suggest the use of pet feed supplements that could provide benefits in more than one way.

It is the responsibility of pet-parent to ensure proper access to adequate pet food, medicines, supplements and other pet care products. They help in keeping the immunity levels high and safeguard them from diseases. One can stock enough branded vet medicines, which would be top-quality, but available at a low cost.

Other few measures that one can do with their pet include

·         Play and exercise with pets, at least one hour a day

·         Work on training the animals

·         Maintaining proper hygiene

Scientists could not find any proofs of the virus (COVID-19) readily infecting domestic pets like cats and dogs. They could not find proof that the naturally infected animals could infect other animals or people with the virus. The measures suggested are only as a mark of caution.

If one is down with coronavirus, it would be ideal in maintaining a distance from pets and other animals. They can request someone who has not been infected to take care of the animals. If the infected individual does not have any other option; then they need to follow a few safety precautions. The pet caretaker should wear a face mask; avoid petting and kissing, or sharing food with them. The experts suggest keeping a stock of food supplies and necessary medications that could last at least ten days. It could be of great help if one needs to self-isolate or quarantine them.


If one feels that a visit to the vet is not required, they can take care of the animal with proper medication. One can even opt for tele-medication, to cure ailing animals.


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