How to Wear Clothing Reasonably for your Toddlers in Winter

Winter is always the biggest challenge to your baby’s health. The cold can always make your baby toddler suffer from various diseases easily. Parents always think that the more clothes a toddler has, the safer it is. In fact, wearing more wholesale toddlers clothes will harm the health of the toddler. How to wear clothing for your baby reasonably?

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  1. The First Rule

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    Keeping the toddler’s backs warm can prevent diseases and reduce colds; the toddler’s stomachs are connected to the spleen and stomach. If the abdomen is cold, it will weaken the spleen and stomach, causing loss of appetite or indigestion, diarrhea, etc. Toddler’s feet have more nerves, and many acupuncture points are also more sensitive to external temperature. If you don’t pay attention to keeping warm, they can easily cause some diseases.

  2. The Second Rule

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    One-third of the heat emitted by children through the body surface is from the head. Head fever can easily cause upset, and dizziness, which is what Chinese medicine calls getting angry. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the toddler’s head dissipates heat; if children wear too much thick and bloated will press on the chest and affect normal breathing and heart function. Wearing too thick can also easily cause upset and internal heat. Therefore, ensure that your child’s chest is cool and comfortable.

Recommended Wear Clothing Matching

  1. Basing Clothing + Coat

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    Sometimes parents don’t know how to wear more clothes for their toddler, so they wear a lot of clothes for their children, but this way of dressing doesn’t take into account the toddler’s feelings at all. A thicker piece of clothing is not only convenient to put on and take off, but also more conducive to exercise. Moreover, the temperature inside the kindergarten is relatively high, so thick clothing is not necessary at all.

  2. Easy to Put On and Take Off the Hooded Sweatshirt

    Mom can add some simple patterns and a warm sweatshirt to the toddler’s wardrobe. If the weather is warmer, toddlers can wear a sweatshirt alone. In the morning or evening when the temperature is low, a toddler can add a vest outside. When it’s hot at the noon, a toddler can take off the vest and wear a sweatshirt alone.

  3. Sports Style

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    Loose, casual sportswear not only allows a toddler to wear comfortably, but is also conducive to their exercise, and most importantly, is conducive to their physical development.

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