How to Talk to Your toddler About COVID-19?

With the public conversations about the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the increase, there are many chances that the kids might get scared about themselves, their family and friends getting sick with COVID-19. Whether your child is in kindergarten or middle school, as parents, staff and trusted adults, it is important to help the children make sense of what they hear to minimise their anxiety and panic. Even your children might have a lot of questions about what is happening with the novel coronavirus. Here are some tips from the teachers at Childcare Maylands on how to talk to your toddler about COVID-19.

Understand What Your Child Already Knows

You might be of the assumption that your toddler might not be aware of what the virus is all about. But in reality, they might know a lot more than you really expect. Thanks to the technological advancement. No matter whatever the case is, if your child is already aware, that gives you a place for the perfect start. To make your child start talking about the topic, ask if they have head people talking about the pandemic around, and what they have heard about the coronavirus.

Provide honest and accurate information –

The child care providers at preschool Maylands ask you to furnish truthful and appropriate to the children which is appropriate for their age. Don’t let them panic with any of your information, instead talk to the children about how some news on COVID-19 available on the internet may be based on rumours too.

Reiterate their safety –

Teach your children with everyday actions that will help reduce the germs. Ask your children to stay away from people who are coughing or sick. Show them how to sneeze into a tissue or their elbow and then dispose the tissue into the trash. Train them on making hand washing as a part of their routine when using the bathroom, before eating, coughing etc. Also teach them how to use the hand sanitiser. But the teachers at kindergarten Maylands, warn you to teach appropriately, as there are many chances of the toddlers swallowing up the sanitiser when they are away from your sight.

Stay Aware Of How Your Child Gets Information –

News can be useful to keep you informed, but taking in too much of the information can increase anxieties. There are many fabricated information that is circulating on social media which can also increase the fears. So, consider bringing down your child’s screen time and you have to be aware of the kind of news you consume in the presence of the child. Because, your child is carefully absorbing your emotions, if you break down, it will surely panic your kid. So stay strong, safe and confident with a smile on your face!

The author is a child counsellor at Childcare Maylands. She is also a blogger who writes on various topics related with toddler care. Visit for more details.

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