How To Style Your Outfits With A Cashmere Scarf In Winter

A scarf is an accessory that goes with all kinds of dresses; and when it is winter, cashmere is the best material for a scarf. But people new to using scarves are often stumped on how to style their cashmere scarf with the dresses they are wearing. To help you out, here is a detailed guideline on how to style a cashmere scarf with various outfits. 

Let’s start with formal dresses. This time of the year, we are invited to quite many formal parties. And cashmere is the perfect material to carry around as it is not only stylish but also keeps away the cold to a certain degree. You will need a little large scarf for that, especially a wrap.

Now to style, it is quite easy; it should not overshadow your flour length gorgeous gown. So just drape it over your neck and let the ends hang at your back. As for color, you can always match with the gown you are wearing; and if you want one to go with most of your formal dresses, choose a black colored one with sequins woven in-between.

Going out wearing a coat? Then a scarf is a must to keep away the cold. A muted colored scarf will go with most of your coats. As for wearing it, loop it around your neck and tuck the loose ends in. Then tease it out a little till it lies gently on your neck. This casual yet stylish look will look good any time of the day.

The problem with wearing one shoulder or asymmetrical dresses in winter is that after some time, the exposed arm starts to feel cold and you have goosebumps. And if you are attending a church wedding, this dress might not be appropriate for that (but great for the party afterward!).

so, a cashmere scarf is your best friend in this scenario. So, when you are in the church drape one end of the scarf (you will need a wrap or large scarf for this) over your exposed shoulder. Then wrap the rest of it over your back and the other shoulder and finally tuck the end underneath in the front. The best type of scarf for such an occasion can be those interwoven with sequins in dark colors like blue or black.

Cocktail dresses are perfect for semi-formal events in winter. If you are wearing a floral silk cocktail dress, pair it with a cashmere scarf in bright colors like pink, red or purple. The scarf will keep away the winter chill and give your ensemble a gorgeous look. Just casually drape it over a shoulder to complete your look for the day.

Who says you can’t wear a sleeveless dress in winter? You can wear them if you are going to an indoor event. Just make sure you carry a large cashmere wrap or scarf with you.

Just pair your halter-neck dress with a brightly colored scarf or wrap by letting it loosely draped over your shoulders and the ends hanging in front. If you feel cold, you can tighten the wrap to beat the chill. 

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