How to Purchase High Quality Injection Molding Equipment

Molding equipment is a commonly used tool in the process of manufacturing plastic products. Selecting the machinery to be used entails tough decisions, particularly for entrepreneurs who have just started in the industry. Companies may choose between buying new equipment or used plastic machinery.

While most new equipment allows enterprises to enjoy more modern features, this option is often more expensive and less sustainable. Conversely, buying used plastic injection molding machines might be a more practical decision, especially for starting businesses. It enables enterprises to save up on capital expenses and other costs while providing them with equipment that works just as fine. By purchasing used machinery, companies can also contribute to waste reduction efforts.

An estimated 2.01 billion metric tons of waste are produced globally every year, with the United States ranking among the top 5 waste producers. The country yields about 292.4 million tons of trash annually, with 69 million tons recycled. With the growing waste problem the world is facing, sustainability becomes an important deciding factor.

When businesses opt for purchasing used injection molding machines, they should be mindful of who they transact with. Some dishonest vendors might take advantage of customers by selling worn-out equipment without their client’s knowledge. They might falsely advertise their machines or make the exterior look like it has been thoroughly refurbished but will not properly work when operated.

Enterprises must do their research to ensure that they only buy from reputable merchants that sell top quality refurbished machines. With the right parts and technical know-how, one can extend an injection molding machine’s useful life for a longer time.

Some companies might have reservations when deciding to buy used equipment. However, by knowing some useful tips, they can make smarter decisions that will enable them to maximize their investments.


The following infographic from Premier Plastics Systems, Inc. lists some factors to consider when buying used high-quality injection molding equipment.


How to Purchase Used High-Quality Injection Molding Equipment

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