How to prioritise Rooms for a Painting Job?

Painting your home is not an easy job, you should cover the furniture, move them, prepare the walls for painting, protect the flooring, and more. You should also vacate the room for the painters to do their job perfectly. When you are planning to paint the entire house, it is wise to be strategic in the order you work. Keep in mind you will be without some important spaces and rooms for a while and at the same time will also be dealing with paint, smells and fumes. Follow the tips below to make it easy to keep living your life with as much normalcy as possible when Painters Hills District are at work.

Why are you painting the house?

What is the end goal, or what do you want to achieve with the painting job? Are you planning to renovate your home to put it on the market? Or do you want to update and live in the beautiful home you love? Know your purpose before calling in a professional. This will help you prioritise the order in which tasks are undertaken. For instance, if you are planning to put your property on the market, you should focus on painting the rooms that make the biggest impact first. Rooms with the biggest impact on day to day life include your living room, kitchen, entryway, master bedroom and bathrooms. On the other hand, if you are just planning to update your home gradually, you can start with guest bedrooms and bathrooms, because these areas are not used often.


Painting your master bathroom and bedroom first is a great place to start so you will be able to settle back into living your everyday life quickly. Once these rooms are complete, you will have a place to rest, sleep and have bathroom facilities to use so you will not feel like you are camping in your living room. Moreover, when your bedroom is painted first, you will love the way you feel going to bed and waking up in the morning which will automatically motivate you to paint the rest of your home.


If you plan to paint the entire house at once, the kitchen should be your next priority after bedrooms and bathrooms. Your kitchen will not be accessible when painting services Hills District are at work. When the kitchen is not available, the rest of your life will be put on hold. You won’t be able to cook and eat healthily, and you will end up spending your money on takeout food. Giving priority to the kitchen will help put you back to normal living quickly. Moreover, just like how a fresh bedroom will keep you moving through the house, a beautifully painted kitchen will also inspire you to paint the entire house.

Living room:

Painting the living room can actually take a long time. So prepare yourself for it. It is usually the largest room in most houses; moreover, you will have more furniture in this room and quite often you will need to move furniture into other rooms of the house like the kitchen or bedroom. Painting this room can be disruptive. So keeping it at the end is a good idea.

We believe these tips from professional house painters Hills District will help make the painting job easy for you.

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