How to prepare your child to sleep well at Daycare?

One of the common worries of parents while transitioning their child to childcare is the little ones’ nap time. How will my little one sleep in the new environment without dad or mum? Will they be comfortable? Will they get the rest they need? Or will they be an overtired mess? These questions and many more can cause anxiety in parents since baby sleep needs vary greatly. At day care Five Dock` there is no need to fear nap time as the educators will work with families to meet every child’s need. Initially, they might not sleep as well as at home, but sooner they will.

If you are anxious about your child’s sleep in the daycare, here are some parenting tips to help your little one with the change as they learn to settle and sleep at child care.

Don’t nap the little one in a dark room:

We know that there will be more light and noise at childcare than at home. Keep the lights in the room at a similar level by opening the curtains and blinds and let in some daylight. A bonus; napping with lights on helps the baby clock regulate and allows them to differentiate between night and daytime.

The childcare sleep soundtrack:

Talk to the staff at child care about the music they play in each room and request a copy so that you can introduce it into your child’s sleep routine even before they move to the child care. Some child care does not use soundtracks but uses other methods to help children sleep peacefully. So it is better to visit personally and discuss.

Pack the right comfort items:

Daycare centres should observe safe sleep strictly. So keep in mind while packing any comfortable items for sleep time, only acceptable items should be on the bed. Little ones cannot be placed in a cot with soft toys or other comfort objects. Ask your child care Five Dock about their policies and whether those change as they grow.

Communicate with educator:

Talk to the educators who aid early learning Five Dock and provide information about your baby’s preferences and general sleep patterns. Every family works differently. Some children are independent sleepers, while others love to be snuggled. You can ask the centre about the general routine and check if it fits in with your lifestyle. You can also try to mimic it at home as well. Ask as many questions as you have about how they settle children to sleep and get them adjusted to the new environment.

Prepare mentally and keep calm:

Keep in mind this is a transitional phase, and soon your little one will get adjusted to the changes that come with daycares. If you have any queries, it is essential to communicate them and talk to your loved ones to seek assurance so you can be at peace that your little one is happy and safe.

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