How to Prepare For a New Born Photography Session

Finally, your little one has arrived and you are excited. Well, it’s time to capture some adorable pictures of your newborn to cherish it forever. That being said, newborn photographic session is never easy for parents. Have you ever put your baby in front of the camera? Indeed, it’s a nerve-racking experience, especially for a new mother who has forgotten to sleep for days together. Newborn photograph sessions could be stressful and overwhelming, which can make you helpless. However, with proper planning, you can make the newborn photography Sydney session successful.

Yes, we, baby photographer in Sydney, wanted to share some of the tips to make the most out of your newborn photography session while keeping your baby safe.

Choose the best Baby Photographer in Sydney

Yes, working with the right baby photographer is crucial to ensure the safety of your little one. Choose a professional photographer who is specialised in the newborn photography and has adequate knowledge about handling babies. It is a good idea to get recommendations from your family, friends, and neighbours rather than choosing someone randomly.


We recommend parents to arrange the newborn session at their house rather in a studio to make you comfortable. The baby will be used to the location, and you will have everything you need there. Of course, life after a baby is a little crazy and your house is messed up. Photographers know that so you don’t have to worry about the condition of your home. All they need is a room with natural light. The more natural light, the better the pictures. But, still if you want an outdoor newborn photo session, make sure you take enough things your little ones need and choose a location that is calm and safe.


Naked babies get cold, so keep the baby warm. Adjust the temperature in your house to a comfortable degree about an hour before the session. The warmer temperature will keep your baby stay asleep and comfortable while capturing the pictures.

Feeding breaks

Always arrange the session during nap time. Try to feed the baby before the session starts. Hungry babies wake up often and cry. Also, keep your baby awake for at least a couple of hours before the session. However, newborns will need frequent feeding breaks throughout the session, especially if they are upset and little fussy. Take feeding breaks and let the baby sleep. Keep extra diapers, blankets, dresses, wipes, and trash bags nearby for quick clean-ups.

Let the clothing be simple

Whether it’s for you or your baby, let the cloths be simple yet elegant. Soft, neutral fabrics are the right choices as they don’t distract from what the baby is or isn’t wearing.


Most of the photographers will have their own props. But, you can also use your creativity with your props. However, ensure the props are safe for the little one.

Be patient, and do not get embarrassed or frustrated when things goes don’t go well as you planned. It happens. Speak with the photographer and let them know your needs and expectations.

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