How to Plan the Perfect Christening Reception?

It can be overwhelming to organise a christening reception, especially when you have to spend more time taking care of your newborn. But, the Christening reception is worth it, if you plan it well. Christening is a special event which brings your family and friends together to celebrate the arrival of your child to this world.

What you’ll need to Organise for the Perfect Christening Reception?

Whatever your budget may be, there are several ideas to organise a christening party. Hopefully these simple tips below will help you compose a great christening event ever.

– Prepare Guest List

At the outset, you must decide who will be invited to the party. The count of the guests will help you hire the best party venues Sydney and also decide on the menu, so that you can have enough food and space for all your guests. Usually, it is only the close family and friends that take part in the baptisms or christenings. But, it might vary based on the family size and traditions, which might call for a large group similar to a wedding reception. But, don’t forget to invite the priest!

– Venue Hire Sydney

It is usual to have a party post the christening event. The party can be organised in any form, from a quiet reception to a little livelier event. Though having a reception at any event venues Sydney is not a strict part of the religious ceremony, it is important to have a get-together if you have family and friends whom you don’t see very often.

– Decoration

White is the predominant colour that is associated with innocence and Christianity. You can have this as the main concept and decorate your event. The items you can use are – white flowers, White wine, white colour chair, high cocktail tables, crockery cutlery, glassware & white linen. But, make sure not to overdo it.

– The Cake

If you are a crafty and professional baker, you can bake your own cake with the party theme in mind. If you are not, there are plenty of inspiring designs on the internet, which you can provide a good baker and get your envisioned cake for the party.

– Think of Games

The game selection for a christening reception varies greatly from the activities of other events. The most appropriate game for this type of party is the board games or card games. As these types of games gives an opportunity to the family and friends to talk with each other and have fun. In case, if you are holding the reception outdoors, you can include some sports like volleyball or basketball. This will give everyone an opportunity to take part!

These are just a few of the important aspects of planning for a christening reception, of course there is no definitive list. We all have our own priorities which may vary. But the success of your child’s christening party depends on the venue and the people that you are inviting. Enjoy your child’s big day!!

The author holds a five years’ experience in working for an event management company. He is also a blogger who writes about best wedding venues in Sydney and various party organisation tips. Visit for more details.

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