How to Optimize for Competitors’ Branded Keywords

Is it important to do optimization for the branded keywords of your competitor? Can it be helpful to you or not? Is it possible to get the other guy’s traffic? In pay per click you need to pay a definite amount of money for the brand name of your competitor. But if you want to perform organic search for ranking of the branded keywords of this type, then what are the ways to do it? Is it necessary that for the keywords of your competitors you need to compete with them directly? Now I am going to tell you how to optimize for competitors’ branded keywords.

What you wished to find?

If you want to follow organic SEO tactics for using the branded keywords of your competitor then there are various ways of doing this.

·       If you sell a product having the name of the brand – For instance you can purchase the shoes named Nike Air Zoom from an online store which uses a website and for attracting a lot of organic traffic, its product page includes a keyword “Nike Air Zoom”.

If at your online shop you have made available Aeron chairs, Michael Kors handbags and Nike shoes for selling then it will be right that your SEO strategy includes branded keywords.

Let us look at a question.

How is the study conducted by us?

When you will try to know if there is any online trade that is going to use your branded terms then the problem worsens. Suppose branded keywords are used by several ecommerce sites and if we compare these sites to achieve analysis that is data driven then it is also a big challenge. ‘Coupon code sites’, ‘how-to advice sites’ and ‘include review sites’ are included in these websites.

  • Coupon code sites – These websites use branded terms because they want to give discounts to customers and for this, they collect the brands’ information.
  • Review sites – Here a person does not take interest in the branded terms and so does not focus on the brand but takes interest in the business and for this purpose he leaves a review on these sites. The person is basically a third party.
  • How-to advice sites – There are various ways to assemble the products of a brand. The how-to advice sites teach the people about these ways by making the use of a branded term.  
  • There is one more issue. In various ecommerce sites how a large number of rank-tracker signals can be normalized statistically? There are various reasons for which the websites rank higher and sometimes rank lower.

Is it possible that the highest-ranked position is produced by a link building profile that is robust? The ranking power of the content is because of its comprehensiveness and depth. and are the two ecommerce websites that we selected to resolve the issue. We did data analysis and keyword research on these. A lot of focused data could be gotten from these websites. To prevent the data from getting skewed these websites normalized the rank tracker signals’ range.

Let us do’s analysis

We performed Amazon’s two data sets’ comparative analysis.

1.If the word “review” is present in the keywords.

2.If the word “review” is not present in the random keywords.

Is it possible for the keywords that are either related or not related with review to rank organically on the basis of above data?

For, 100 Google results were produced when 41.4 million search terms underwent keyword research. The CTR was around 236 million. If the term “review” was contained in the search terms then for doing the analysis of these search terms this dataset was segmented further. Among 41.4 million keywords 465,550 keywords contained the word review. Among 465,550 search terms, the highest traffic was produced by 30,000 search terms. Around 140 searches/month was the median volume of the search engine. Same median volume had been obtained for the keywords that were not related to review.

Let us do’s analysis

In the traffic was directed by a number of keywords and each of these search terms were included here because of the smaller eBay’s keyword research set. So, we got 21.2 million keywords and 40 was the median volume of the search engine.


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