How to optimise your Website for Google’s Featured Snippets?

Recently, are you noticing that it is getting harder and harder to build referral traffic from Google? Obtaining traffic from one of the most popular search engines like Google means that you have to keep up with all the features of Google. Google keeps changing their features constantly. For successful SEO ranking, you must know how these features work so you can rank for them.

In this article, you will receive tactical advice on how to optimise your website for one of Google’s most recent changes, the featured snippets.

What are Featured Snippets?

Whether you know it or not, you would have probably seen many featured snippets from Google while searching for answers to your questions or some information. Featured snippets are nothing but selected search results that are featured on top of Google’s organic result.

To simply put, featured snippets helps to find answers to a query easier, as you don’t have to click on a website to get the information. Hence experts in SEO companies Sydney focus on optimizing websites for featured snippets for better ranking.

How to earn Featured Snippets on Google?

Do the right Keyword Research:

You should already be doing this. But did you know that optimising your keyword research can help you get featured snippets too?

The main goal of the featured snippet is to serve answers to the user’s query quickly. They are triggered by long-tail keywords most of the time. However, not all keywords would bring up featured snippets. You must find the top-ranking industry-related keywords. If you find a featured snippet for these keywords, you have a chance to take it for yourself.

If you are not an expert at identifying keywords, get the help of SEO consultants Sydney. They will find the right keywords to optimise your website for Google featured snippets.

Optimise for the right type of Snippet:

Once you have the list of questions for optimising your webpage for featured snippets, identify the kind of snippets they are likely to bring up. Would the answer best suit a list, video, paragraph, or table snippet? The most important thing here is, you must know what you are competing for. Because by simply optimising for a list, the snippet will not win you the spot if it is currently showing a video featured snippet. Hence it is best advised to work with experts in SEO Sydney who can help you optimise your website for the right type of snippet.

Make Videos Accessible:

Try to make shorter videos that run for less than 6 minutes or so, for video snippets. You should make transcripts and subtitles available so that Google can read your video to provide an answer to the users who are searching for related keywords.

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