How to Match Kids Clothing

Kids’ own aesthetics has slowly formed from the age of 2-3. This time period is also the best time to cultivate kids’ aesthetics. The clothing parents give their children will gradually affect their kids’ aesthetic standards.

Every parent hopes that their kid is the most beautiful and the cutest. If you want to realize such a dream, parents pay attention to matching wholesale kids clothing for your kids firstly.

In this issue, I will share some kids’ dressing skills, mainly from two aspects of color matching and style matching.

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Clothing Colors

Since kids are lively and active and have no sense of protecting clothing, the fabric of kid’s clothing should be strong, durable, and comfortable. When choosing to clothe, in addition to looking at whether it is in season and whether the fabric is comfortable, the first thing to pay attention to is the colors of the clothes. Especially for kids, they have a primitive sensitivity and unique preference for colors.

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Collocation Principle

Bright series + dark color series: white & black, this matching method is light and dark color matching. Dark and light color matching and light and dark color matching create different visual effects.

High-brightness, high-purity, brightly colored clothing, this kind of dress is suitable for children with darker skin and will look energetic and eye-catching.

If the kid’s skin is brighter, then she will have a wider range of color adaptation, such as wearing pink, yellow, red, people will look lively and bright.

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Clothing Styles

The kids’ nature should be considered first. In the process of playing, the comfort of clothes is a very important factor, and loose and natural casual clothing should be the main feature.

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Clothing Style Matching Principle

Do not match shirts and ties with the same pattern on tops with patterns. Striped or patterned tops should be matched with plain pants the kid is developing physically. Wearing exquisite, free, and easy, loose-fitting casual clothes are very convenient for playing games and sports. It is not only conducive to physical development but also gives people a cute, comfortable, and casual feeling. We can also use the styles of children’s clothing to supplement some children’s lack of body shape. For example, children who are a little bit fat should choose collarless or round neck clothes when choosing tops for them, such as round neck T-shirts, small suspender skirts, etc, wearing trousers on the lower body. In summer and autumn, it is better to wear cropped trousers. Wearing this way is visually thin.

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There are many styles at Kiskissing for parents to choose from. There is always kids clothing that will suit your kids.

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